Rail Industry Show is a Great Value for Eskişehir

Rail Industry Show A Great Value For Eskisehir
Rail Industry Show Fair is a Great Value for Eskişehir

Metin Güler, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO), Rayhaber He answered the questions posed by the magazine.

What kind of studies does ETO Railways do?

As Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, we attach great importance to the potential of rail systems and strive to increase the share of our city in the production of railway systems. In addition, we care about the development of Eskişehir by rail and the contribution of the railway to Eskişehir. For example, an academic study was started by our chamber in 2015. With the support of Anadolu University academicians, we conducted an academic study on the Effects of High Speed ​​​​Train on Eskişehir. In this study, we revealed the multifaceted effects of the High Speed ​​​​Train on our city, the resulting qualitative and quantitative change, trends, and clues for the future. By comparing the contribution of the High Speed ​​​​Train to the cities in the world, we have made a projection of what benefits can be provided to the economy of Eskişehir. We published this study in writing and presented it to the public. Because, as ETO, we believe that Eskişehir can effectively maintain its experience and deep-rooted production tradition in the railway in the future, and we are trying to activate the energy of our city in this direction. Eskişehir is the city that produces the first domestic locomotive and the first domestic automobile with its infrastructure in rail systems. We wish to carry this experience and infrastructure further and to further consolidate Eskişehir's power in rail systems.

Metin Guler, Chairman of Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce ETO

Which companies related to railways operate under the ETO umbrella?

We have 34 companies that are members of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce and operate in the field of rail systems. Important companies such as Estram, Esray, Albayrak Makine operate in the field of rail systems and light rail systems. On the other hand, it is necessary to open parenthesis and even give a separate place to TÜLOMSAŞ, which continues its activities under the roof of TÜRASAŞ as of 2020. Although it seems that TÜLOMSAŞ does not actually exist today, the infrastructure, experience and potential of TÜLOMSAŞ continues.

Turkey's 2053 Transportation and Logistics Plan was announced. According to this plan, what do you think about intercity and intracity passenger transportation?

It was stated by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure that the divided road network will be increased to 2053 thousand 38 kilometers and the length of the railway line to 60 thousand 28 kilometers in 590. Of course, I believe that this planning will contribute to Turkey's power in transportation and logistics potential. Because our country, as a location, acts as a bridge between Europe and Asia. However, there is a very important point for Eskişehir; it is that Eskişehir's North-South ring road project should be implemented as soon as possible. Because the ring road connecting Eskişehir with Ankara, Bilecik, Bursa, Kocaeli, Sakarya and Istanbul unfortunately remained in the city and for this reason, the traffic problem in the city became inextricable. Eskişehir OSB, City Hospital and Eskişehir Fair Convention Center built by our chamber are also on the route of this road. Therefore, there are very long queues of vehicles in the morning, at certain parts of the day and at the end of the evening. This, of course, causes loss of money for the people of Eskişehir and our traders and industrialists from Eskişehir due to both time and energy costs. We expect the North-South ring road project, which is of vital importance for Eskişehir, to be implemented as soon as possible.

Eskişehir is known as the center of rail systems. What will you do as ETO to increase the importance given to the railway?

Eskişehir has a history of nearly 130 years in the railway industry. We have a rail systems industry that started with Anadolu – Ottoman Company, continued with Cer Atölyesi, and grew with TÜLOMSAŞ. This production capability continues under the name of Turkish Rail System Vehicles Industry Joint Stock Company (TÜRASAŞ).

However, Eskişehir is one of the first cities where High Speed ​​​​Train services take place. High Speed ​​​​Train services started between Eskişehir and Ankara. Then, the routes connecting Eskişehir with Konya and Istanbul were completed. We think that Eskişehir should be connected quickly with both Bursa, İzmir and Antalya by high speed train. In this direction, we convey our demands to our elected and appointed bureaucrats and politicians.

Thanks to the Rail Industry Show held in your city, many companies and visitors visited Eskişehir. What are your plans for such fairs and events?

It is very important for us to organize a fair for the railway industry in Eskişehir, which has great success and history in rail systems. Because Eskişehir rail systems

It is a city with a production experience dating back to pre-Republican times. In this respect, the 2022 Rail Industry Show, which we organized for the first time in May, fully coincides with this experience and our vision for railway systems. Although the fair was held for the first time, it was quite productive. Thousands of business people from 15 countries visited the fair. In addition, we had the opportunity to look at the potential and future of the rail systems industry from a different perspective, on the occasion of the summit held simultaneously with the fair. We have seen once again the importance of rail systems in our country and in the world. In addition, the professionals who visited the fair had the opportunity to meet with the companies one-on-one. I hope that the Rail Industry Show will bring much larger audiences together in the coming years. It will make a name for itself both with business meetings and seminars and informative events.

Metin Guler, Chairman of Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce ETO

What do you think about Logistics Centers? What kind of work have you done on this subject?

Logistics centers play a key role in the integrated use of roads, railways and ports. It contributes to the development of national and international trade and to increase employment. In addition, it provides an opportunity to reduce road traffic and to transport the products of our exporting companies more cheaply. In this respect, logistics centers contribute to both exports and manufacturers and to the national economy by reducing transportation costs. Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center serving in Eskişehir also carries a very important mission. We, as ETO, believe that Hasanbey Logistics Center acts as a bridge that will enable Eskişehir to open up to the world. Of course, some vital obstacles need to be overcome in order for the Hasanbey Logistics Center to fully fulfill this task. At the beginning of these, it is important that the railway connection of Eskişehir with Gemlik port is completed quickly. Only then, we believe that the Hasanbey Logistics Center will realize its potential and make a very important contribution to the economy of Eskişehir.

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