İBB Updated School Bus Fee Calculation Application

IBB Updated School Bus Fee Calculation Application
İBB Updated School Bus Fee Calculation Application

İBB has updated the school bus fee calculation application. Parents who enter the application can instantly access the most accurate price by choosing the starting and ending route. With the application, it is aimed to end the wage discussion between service shopkeepers and parents.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to make life easier for Istanbulites with mobile applications and applications by using technology in the best way. The application of IMM, which will end the discussion between the service shopkeepers, parents and schools, has been updated. The application can be accessed from the link application2.ibb.gov.tr/tulasim/ucrethesaplama.aspx.


Announcing on social media that the IMM's school bus fee calculation application has been renewed, the President Ekrem İmamoğlu, “You can easily calculate school bus fees through this application and have detailed information about the tariffs and service rules determined by UKOME”.


The application, in which the price tariffs are rearranged according to the UKOME Decision taken on August 24, works as follows; When citizens fill in their home and school address and school type options, click the "Draw Route" button, the kilometers of the distance and their monthly and annual prices are calculated instantly. Calculated fees; 35 percent guide staff fee and VAT are added for kindergarten, primary and secondary school.


The route is determined according to the nearest bus and minibus route length that can be reached between home and school. If there is no bus or minibus route on the line, the closest reachable distance between home and school is taken into account. The fare calculation is calculated in km on a one-way basis, and there is no additional km calculation for the return. However, the fees determined are for round trip and cover all public and private schools.

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