Gaziantep GAP Irrigation Projects Protocol Signing Ceremony was Held

Gaziantep GAP Irrigation Projects Protocol Signature Ceremony was Held
Gaziantep GAP Irrigation Projects Protocol Signing Ceremony was Held

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank attended the protocol signing ceremony of the GAP Small-Scale Irrigation Works Program Gaziantep projects.

Minister Varank, who visited the Gaziantep Governor's Office, signed the Governor's Honor Book and met with the Governor Davut Gül.

Minister Varank then went to the protocol signing ceremony for the GAP Small-Scale Irrigation Works Program Gaziantep projects, organized in cooperation with Gaziantep Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality and GAP Regional Development Administration.

Speaking here, Minister Varank said that he came to the city to open projects that will add value to Gaziantep.

Explaining that with the Presidential Government System, the Ministry of Industry and Technology has become the ministry responsible for local development, Varank continued as follows:

"What does this mean? We evaluate cities and even districts with our development agencies and regional development administrations. We develop projects for those cities and districts and implement these projects together with our local stakeholders. We are in an important irrigation project that will increase the quality of agricultural products in Gaziantep, which is an agricultural city. Previously, both our President and Governor had come to us regarding the renewal of Nizip, Oğuzeli and Şahinbey irrigations. 'Can we support this project from GAP? Our farmers in this region especially need the renewal of these irrigation channels. We also worked on this project with our GAP Administration. I hope we are talking about a 75 million lira project here. As the GAP Administration, we cover 60 million liras of this. Here, 103 thousand decares of land will start to be irrigated correctly. Our farmers there will increase their products there. We will increase the agricultural added value. Hopefully, we are also working on different irrigation projects with the President and Governor. We will continue to support these projects.”

Expressing that they are proud of serving Gaziantep, Varank stated that he sees himself as a principal citizen in Gaziantep, not as an honorary citizen.

Stating that Gaziantep deserves good things in terms of investment and service, Varank said, “This is a city that has the potential to multiply its contributions to the country's economy in the coming period. That's why every investment made here is returning to our fellow citizens as added value. Good luck with this 75 million lira irrigation project.” said.

Governor Davut Gül, Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin and Head of GAP Department Dr. The protocol was signed by Hasan Maral.

The program was attended by TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, former Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül, AK Party Gaziantep Provincial President Mehmet Eyüp Özkeçeci, MHP Gaziantep Provincial President Cahit Çıkmaz, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce President Tuncay Yıldırım and those concerned.

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