Free Wi-Fi Network Expands in Ankara

Free Wi-Fi Network Expands in Ankara
Free Wi-Fi Network Expands in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to expand its free internet networks within the scope of the digital transformation attack it started throughout the city. Free internet service started to be provided at 1 points in the Phase2 part of the project, whose Phase18 studies were completed. Thus; The number of places where free wireless internet service is provided in Ankara has reached 57.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to weave the Capital with wireless internet networks.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which started digital transformation in the Capital City within the scope of BLD 4.0 studies, is expanding its free internet network in city squares and recreation areas day by day. ABB Information Processing Department, which started free Wi-Fi service in 1 squares and recreation areas within the scope of Phase34 studies, accelerated Phase2 works of the project.

With the Phase 2 works, free internet service will be provided in 31 squares and recreation areas.


While the Phase 1 works of the free internet project, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş described as 'fundamental human rights', were completed, internet service was started to be provided at many points in the Phase 2 works of the project.

The number of service points increased to 2 in Phase 18 of the free internet project carried out by the IT Department. Within the scope of Phase 2 studies; 'Kuscagiz Family Life Center, Karşıyaka Cemetery (Prayer and condolence point), Göksu Park, Elmadağ İsmet Paşa Park, Altınpark, 50. Yıl Park, Haydar Aliyev Park, Botanical Park 1 and 2, Seğmenler Park, Ali Dinçer Park, Demetevler Park, Mamak Şafaktepe Park, Cemre Park, Wi-Fi points were created in Youth Park, Zafer Park, Atlantis Park and Keçiören Pet Park.

With the new points commissioned, the total number of squares and recreation areas where free Wi-Fi service is provided has reached a total of 57.


The residents of Başkent show great interest in the Wi-Fi service, which can be actively used at 57 points. Citizens benefiting from the Wi-Fi service commissioned in city squares and parks said:

-Fevzi Anıl Kılıç: “This application has been very useful. Sometimes we connect to the internet here when we don't have internet. We are not spending out of our own pocket. We study in the park, we watch movies.”

-Taha Blackbeard: “I bring my computer to the parks, go to the internet and get my work done. It also makes a profit for our budget.”

-Samet Şahin: “I am very satisfied with the Wi-Fi service. At least my bill is not high. I also have other friends who use the internet. I mostly listen to music. I keep money out of my pocket and I spend it elsewhere.”

-Merve Ulucak: “I think this service is very important. There are many big universities in Ankara. Therefore, it has been a very valuable service for students.”

-Zarife Gökmen: “It has been a wonderful service. When we come to the park, we use the internet. It is also quite beneficial to the budget. It contributes to the purse of our children.”

- Hüsniye Çağlayan: “It was a very good application. It has been a very good project for those who do not have internet access.”

-Saadet Taşal: “Young people come to the parks all the time and the internet is indispensable in this age. The fact that it is free is very advantageous for students.”

-Ali Uçan: “This is a logical study that should be done in economic conditions. I appreciate projects focused on young people. Metropolitan produces projects according to the wishes and needs of the youth. That's why I congratulate the city."

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