ABB Career Center Bridges Employers and Job Seekers

ABB Career Center Becomes a Bridge Between Employers and Job Seekers
ABB Career Center Bridges Employers and Job Seekers

The Career Center, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality put into service to increase employment in the Capital, attracts great attention from the citizens. The center in Youth Park, where consultancy services are provided by expert teams, acts as a bridge between employers and job seekers. 1986 people have applied to the Career Center since May, when it started to serve.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its projects to contribute to employment without slowing down.

The Career Center, which started to serve as a bridge between employers and job seekers in order to solve the unemployment problem in the capital, continues to attract great interest from the citizens.

Those who register to the center are directed to the job position according to their qualifications and abilities in line with the consultancy services provided by the expert teams and the personnel demands of the companies.


While 1986 people have applied to the Career Center, which was put into service in May, 1532 of them; were directed to the relevant places according to the demands of the companies and their own qualifications and abilities. In this process, a total of 415 companies were interviewed. 197 people were employed.


Between 08.30-17.30 on weekdays, the personnel in charge at the Career Center located at the address of Ulus Genclik Park Doğanbey Mahallesi, Hisarparkı Caddesi, No:14/12 Altındağ, which is affiliated to the ABB Business and Affiliates Department; It provides qualified consultancy services to job seekers about obtaining a profession, career planning, CV preparation, effective use of job search channels and interview processes.

Applications to the Career Center, which is offered for career planners and has hundreds of advertisements for people seeking a place in different occupational groups, can also be made online via


ABB Career Center Administrative Affairs Manager Orhan Koçak stated that companies looking for personnel in the private sector bring together employers and job seekers in line with their blue-collar and white-collar personnel needs and that they want to reduce unemployment in the Capital. In the content of the training, we will provide training for vocational and personal development. ABB Career Center Assistant Manager Sevilay Kaplan said, “We accept our citizens who come to ABB Career Center regardless of their language, religion, race, sect and political opinion. We inform our candidates about CV preparation, effective use of job search channels and interview processes.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many social responsibility projects in order to integrate disabled people into society and not to be separated from life, also provides consultancy services to disabled citizens at the ABB Career Center.

Stating that they continue to work for disabled individuals to participate in employment, ABB Career Center Disabled Business Coach Tuğba Polat said, "We support our disabled citizens so that they can lead a happy life in order to provide employment."

Disabled individual Arif Demir, on the other hand, stated that the support provided by ABB to disabled individuals is very important and said, “I applied about 4 months ago. Experts took a close interest in me. I believe I will find a job for myself here,” he said.


Stating that they are very happy to find a reliable staff with the Career Center initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the owner of the workplace Tuğçe Aydın said, "We have a safe and quality staff within the framework of the cooperation we have made with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, I believe that our good cooperation will continue."

Can Yıldız, who got a new job thanks to her job application to the Career Center, said:

“I first saw the Career Center advertisement on the internet and applied. The consultants found a suitable job in a short time and had a face-to-face meeting with the employer. I also started my new job. Thank you to everyone involved.”

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