The Foundation of Serel Ceramic Factory was Laid in Söğüt District of Bilecik

The Foundation of Serel Ceramic Factory was Laid in Sogut District of Bilecik
The Foundation of Serel Ceramic Factory was Laid in Söğüt District of Bilecik

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “Whoever invests in Turkey never loses. On the contrary, he earns a lot and gives his country a lot of money. Hopefully this will continue to increase.” said.

In his speech at the "Serel Ceramic Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony" in the Söğüt district of Bilecik with the participation of Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez, Varank said that they worked day and night to provide the best service to the public by visiting 81 provinces and districts.

Varank explained that Bilecik has become one of the centers that steer the ceramic industry in Turkey with the large investments it has received recently.

Noting that half of the 132 million dollars export from Bilecik last year was realized by the ceramics industry, Varank continued as follows:

“This 132 million dollar export is actually the registered export made here. Otherwise, when you consider the factories that produce here and have their trade centers in Istanbul and Izmir, this is a city that exports over 1 billion dollars. The Elginkan Group, which provides employment for over 22 in 3 companies within its structure, makes great contributions to the economy of our country. We follow them with appreciation and take care to provide the support they need in their investments. Because we stood by everyone who added value to this country. We will continue to be with you from now on.

Gaye Hanım (Elginkan Group Executive Council President Gaye Akçen) talked about a place about a school. I asked our friends. Here, an education parcel has not been allocated in the existing Organized Industrial Zone, but we can give a place after expansion. Currently, we can turn it into a commercial area, administrative and social building parcel in the current zoning plan. I am telling Gaye from here that if the Organized Industrial Zone asks for some money from her, she can send me the invoice. I pay that bill. As long as you make an education-related investment here.”


Stating that Turkey ranks second among European and OECD countries with its growth figures, Varank emphasized that the industrial sector leads the growth.

Stating that there are difficult times in the world due to epidemics and war, Minister Varank said:

“Turkey is in the position of the country that can best adapt to these conditions with its domestic and national production approach. Due to all these global factors, our economic geography is being reshaped and our country is drawing attention as a shining star of this new order. The enormous increases we have experienced in industrial production and exports in the last two years are the biggest proof of this. But you will appreciate that these things do not happen by themselves. Thanks to the huge investments we have made in our industrial infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, and human resources in 20 years, and the rational foreign policy we pursue in times of crisis, we can achieve these.


Minister Mustafa Varank stated that they expanded the industrial infrastructure to all cities and the number of organized industrial zones increased from 190 to 340 in their period.

Stating that Turkey has become a country that attracts investors, Varank said, “Whoever invests in Turkey never loses. On the contrary, he earns a lot and gives his country a lot of money. Hopefully this will continue to increase. The way to develop Turkey is through value-added production. Who will do this? Private sector. There are those who bring it up from time to time, there are those who say, 'The state does not have a factory, there are those who say that you sold the factories of the state'. Dear friends, can Sümerbank compete with the world by producing printed flannel? Currently, there are 500 Sümerbanks all over Turkey. We have hundreds of companies working in the textile sector.” made its assessment. Minister Varank stated that in addition to 340 organized industrial zones, they continue the site selection processes of 44 organized industrial zones.

Referring to the problems experienced with energy in the world, Varank concluded his words as follows:

Especially in energy-intensive sectors such as iron, steel, glass and ceramics, this energy crisis began to seriously affect Europe. All of these factories are now starting to close in Europe. In other words, if the energy costs have doubled in our country, they have increased 50 times over there. Or they can't find any energy and they have to stop their production right now. We do not think that we will have a problem in energy supply at the moment.”

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Elginkan Group Executive Council President Gaye Akçen and Elginkan Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees Vecdi Gönül also addressed the participants.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede, Bilecik Governor Kemal Kızılkaya, AK Party Deputy Chairman Vedat Demiröz, AK Party Bilecik Deputy Selim Yağcı, CHP Bilecik Deputy Yaşar Tüzün, protocol members and other interested parties attended the program.

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