Reaction to the Decision of the Action for Cancellation of Izmir Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Tender

Reaction to the Decision of Cancellation of Izmir Ankara High Speed ​​Train Tender
Reaction to the Decision of the Action for Cancellation of Izmir Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Tender

CHP İzmir Deputy Bedri Serter, in the lawsuit filed on the grounds that the İzmir-Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Line tender was “irregular”; reacted to the court's decision that it could be included in the 'scope of exception' and that there was no illegality. Serter said, "Even though they are referred to the courts, they abide by the decisions of the one-man regime unfairly because of the bias in their judges and the fear of being displaced."

The tender for the Ankara-Eskişehir-İzmir YHT Line, worth approximately 3 billion dollars, was awarded to ERG İnşaat on a "bargain basis". KMB Metro İnşaat filed a lawsuit demanding the cancellation of the tender on the grounds that "it should be done in an open procedure". KMB Metro İnşaat, in the case "The tender; He stated that it is illegal, contrary to the principles of public scrutiny and accountability, the work with a value of 23 billion TL was carried out without an announcement or announcement, without inviting the companies waiting for an invitation to participate, and the legal basis of the tender is unclear.

The Ankara 15th Administrative Court rejected the request for annulment, citing the Presidency's decision that the tender had conditions that could be included in the "exception scope" for the bargaining procedure and that it was not against the law.

CHP İzmir Deputy Bedri Serter criticized the decision of the judiciary regarding the İzmir-Ankara High Speed ​​​​Line project, which was included in the investment programs of the state for the first time in 2007.

Making a written statement on the subject, Serter pointed out that even 2007 kilometer of rail has not been laid since 1 and stated the following:

“We have seen that more than 2007 billion TL, which is above the figures put in the budget between 2020 and 8, has never been achieved. In the 2022 investment program, it was stated that the cost of this project would be 33,2 billion TL, of which 27,7 billion TL would be covered by external financing. In March 2022, we learned that this foreign loan will come from England. In addition, it was known that this tender, which we already know is one of the pro-honey tenders of the government, was given by bargaining method. However, it is clear that it should be done by open tender procedure. At the point we have reached today, we have seen that the judiciary has made an 'exception' decision in the lawsuit filed for the cancellation of the tender. Are we surprised no! The government is for its supporters, which is ERG İnşaat, which also covers the tenders it gives.

Even though it is clear that every tender they make is fraudulent and delivered to the address to take the goods, they are made in front of all citizens and submitted to the courts, but they are unjustly complying with the decisions of the one-man regime with the fear that they will be displaced.

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