More than 1 Billion 663 Million Passengers Traveled With Marmaray, Baskentray and Izban

Billion Million Passengers Traveled With Marmaray Baskentray and Izban
More than 1 Billion 663 Million Passengers Traveled With Marmaray, Baskentray and Izban

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that a total of more than 1 billion 663 million passengers traveled with Marmaray, Başkentray and Izban in three metropolitan cities and pointed out that more than 19 times the population of Turkey were served to passengers.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a written statement about Marmaray, Başkentray and Izban, the backbone of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir transportation. In the statement, which drew attention to the importance of urban rail systems, it was noted that the contribution of public transportation to the economy and the environment cannot be ignored.

Emphasizing that urban rail systems ease transportation, the statement reminded that Marmaray was put into service on 29 October 2013. “With the entire project put into service, 76.6 kilometers of Gebze-Halkalı The travel time on the line has been reduced to 108 minutes,” the statement said, adding that the mega-city is breathing with 43 stations. Gebze-Halkalı from Gebze with the improvement of the suburban line and the railway Bosphorus tube pass. HalkalıIn the statement, it was stated that uninterrupted transportation opportunity was provided to Marmaray, and it was stated that Marmaray connects the Asian and European continents in just 4 minutes. In the statement, “An average of 505 thousand passengers traveled daily on Marmaray, which is operated by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ. Since the day it was opened, 763 million 816 thousand passengers preferred Marmaray.


It was noted in the statement that İzban, which takes the burden of İzmir transportation and connects İzmir from one end to the other, reduces the traffic density in the city center, and the total length of the line is 136 kilometers. Pointing out that there are 41 stations on the route, it was stated that the flights take place every 12 minutes, and this interval decreases to 6 minutes during peak hours. Emphasizing that an average of 277 thousand passengers are served on 250 flights per day, the statement stated that as of August 30, 2010, a total of 846 million 317 thousand passengers traveled with Izban.


In the statement, which is noted that Başkentray was brought into service again in 2018 by being raised to metro standards in Ankara, “Başkentray serves with 36 stations on the 24-kilometer railway line between Sincan-Kayaş districts. It provides transportation between Sincan and Kayaş in 50 minutes. While an average of 40 thousand people travel in Başkentray a day, 2018 million 52 thousand people have moved since 913.


In the statement, “Thanks to urban rail systems, we solve the traffic jams especially in our metropolitan cities. We carried more than 3 billion 1 million passengers in 663 metropolitan cities. In other words, we served more than 19 times the population of Turkey. We not only provided safe, comfortable and fast travel opportunities, but also reduced carbon emissions to the environment. Our projects on rail systems continue not only in 3 big cities, but also in other cities. By opening these projects one by one, we will reduce the time our citizens spend in traffic and protect our environment.

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