Mimar Sinan Overpass Escalators Taken into Maintenance

Mimar Sinan Upper Passage Escalator Stairs Taken Into Maintenance
Mimar Sinan Overpass Escalators Taken into Maintenance

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to facilitate the life of everyone living in the city from 7 to 70, especially sick, elderly and disabled citizens, continues its maintenance and repair works of elevators with the escalators it has built. The teams affiliated to the Department of Energy, Lighting and Mechanical Affairs took care of the middle escalators on the Mimar Sinan Overpass, which is on the Izmit crossing of the D-100 Highway, as part of the planned maintenance.


Metropolitan teams, which will carry out security sensor, step and rail renewal work in line with planned maintenance, announced that the escalators in the middle of the passage will be closed for use for about 10 days. The work of the teams in the area continues intensively.

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