Kilikya Ultra Marathon Fair Started with Color Images

Kilikya Ultra Marathon Fair Started with Colorful Images
Kilikya Ultra Marathon Fair Started with Color Images

The Cilicia Ultra Marathon, which will be held for the first time this year by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, has started. At the fair held before the Cilicia Ultra Marathon organized by the Youth and Sports Services Department; racing kit distribution, sporting events, dance performances and concerts take place.

The first day of the fair was colored with cultural and artistic activities.

The first day of the fair started with the distribution of racing kits and continued with the mini concert given by Loca The Band, accompanied by the view of Kızkalesi. The fair, attended by both the athletes and the people of the region, ended with a DJ performance.

The concert and DJ performance held in the fair area provided hours of fun for local and foreign tourists. Ayşe Kaya, who came to watch the concert held at the marathon fair, said, “The concert is very beautiful. I knew it was a concert, I was following it on the page, but it was a coincidence that I stopped for so long. It's a nice concert, we're having a lot of fun,” she said.

Saying that she is an operator in Kızkalesi, Eltaf Önürdeş Doğusan said that such events are important for local and foreign guests and said, “It is a really nice event. One of the best concerts we've seen in a long time. Such events are very important in terms of tourism. People come to the beach here, but the events here are also very important for us as operators.”

Fatin Şeyhmustafa, who came to Kızkalesi for a holiday, said, “The concert is great. This event is awesome. It appeals to everyone. Good luck to you, bravo”.

5 exciting categories

History, nature and sports will come together in the marathon, which will take place in 25 different categories on September 5, and local and foreign participants will run into history among the natural beauties of Mersin. In the marathon, where 500 athletes registered, 7 kilometers of Korykos Track, 15 kilometers of Elaiussa Sebaste Track, 33 kilometers of Kızkalesi Track, 33 kilometers of Kızkalesi Track Team and 54 kilometers of Kilikya Ultra Marathon tracks will be run.

Shokirjon Faizulloev from Uzbekistan, who said he was ready for the Cilicia Ultra Marathon and received the race chip, said, “I chose the track as 54 kilometers. I reviewed the tracks on social media. From what I saw in the last post, I think it will be a lot of fun. It is an important marathon for young people to be attracted to sports and for friends to be closer to each other. In terms of tourism, everyone will know Mersin," he said.

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