Bursa's Biggest Companies Announced

Bursa's Biggest Companies Announced
Bursa's Biggest Companies Announced

The biggest companies in Bursa have been determined. According to the results of the 'Bursa 25 Large Firms Survey - 250', organized for the 2021th time this year by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) to shed light on the city economy, Oyak Renault, TOFAŞ and Borcelik took the top three places with their net sales. Stating that the listed companies exhibited a high increase performance in all indicators from equities to assets, from pre-tax profits to EBITDA values, from employment to exports, BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said that Bursa business world continues to increase its contribution to the city and country economy by focusing on opportunities instead of surrendering to crises. told.

The 250 results of the 'Bursa 2021 Large Firms Survey', which has been organized by BTSO for a quarter of a century as one of the most comprehensive field researches in Turkey, have been announced. According to the results of the research, in which the companies were ranked by their net sales, Oyak Renault took the first place, as in the previous two years. While Oyak Renault's net sales figure was recorded as 34,4 billion TL, TOFAŞ took the second place with 31,9 billion TL, and Borcelik took the third place with 16,1 billion TL. These companies were followed by TGS Dış Ticaret, Bosch, Limak Uludağ Elektrik, Sütaş, Asil Çelik and Pro Yem, respectively. A company in the top 10 did not want its name to be disclosed.


Continuing their activities in the shadow of the pandemic, which is defined as the biggest crisis of the last 100 years on a global scale, companies, however, showed a superior performance in all economic indicators. According to the data of 250 in Bursa 2021 Large Firms Research, the number of companies with a turnover of more than 1 billion TL rose to 50. In 2020, the number of companies in question was 27. With the effect of strong growth in exports, increase in exchange rates and high inflation, the net sales of 250 Big Companies reached 10 billion 62,8 million TL with 307 percent, the fastest increase rate of the last 846 years. The first 70 companies in the list made 50 percent of the said figure.


In the sectoral distribution of the companies included in the Bursa 250 Large Firms Survey, the automotive supplier industry leads with 61 companies. 45 of the companies on the list operate in the textile sector, while 30 operate in the food, agriculture and livestock sectors. The contribution of automotive sub-industry companies to net sales was 54,6 billion TL, food, agriculture and livestock sector representatives 31,5 billion TL, and textile sector representatives 31,3 billion TL.


According to the 250 Large Firms Research, while the number of companies making a profit in 2020 was 224, this number decreased to 2021 in 217. On the other hand, the profitability of 250 companies increased by 137,8 percent compared to the previous year and reached 32 billion TL. Of the 2021 billion dollars of exports of Bursa in 16, 12,5 billion dollars was realized by the companies in the list. The companies on the list had an export of 2020 billion dollars in 9,8.


While the added value created by 250 Big Companies was 2020 billion TL in 30,6, this figure increased to 2021 billion TL in 56. Compared to the previous year, the shareholders' equity of these companies increased from 49,9 billion TL to 82 billion TL, their asset sizes increased from 145,7 billion TL to 239 billion TL, their profits before tax from 12,6 billion TL to 30 billion TL. TL, and sales from production reached TL 139,4 billion from TL 214,2 billion. The number of paid employees of 250 companies, which was 149 thousand, exceeded 161 thousand last year. Thus, the number of new jobs created by 250 companies in the last year has reached 12 thousand.


BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said that they carried out the 'Bursa 250 Large Firms Research' for the 25th time this year in order to shed light on the city's economy in Bursa, which leads Turkey's goals. Burkay said, “I would like to thank all of our companies that contributed to our Bursa 250 Large Firms Research, which is also a guide for the work we will do according to the resulting table.” said.


Stating that the global economy has been struggling with major disasters, wars and geopolitical risks, the effects of which have continued since the last two years, especially the pandemic, President Burkay said, “Record-level inflation rates triggered by energy and food crises in our biggest export markets have turned all calculations upside down. However, despite all these negativities, our companies continued to create new employment areas, produce and export without despairing even for a day, as they did until today. In 2021, almost all of our sectors displayed a high performance in all indicators, from net sales to added value, from equities to assets, from period profits to EBITDA values, from employment to exports.” used his statements.


Stating that Bursa's business world stands out with its ability to respond quickly to the demand in both domestic and foreign markets, and that it continues to contribute to the Turkish economy at a high level, İbrahim Burkay said, "By focusing on opportunities rather than surrendering to crises, acting in unity and solidarity, I heartily congratulate all our entrepreneurs who work devotedly in line with the ideals of our country. I also congratulate our companies that succeeded in being included in the list.” he said.


BTSO Chairman of the Board Burkay pointed out that regional solutions in supply chains carried production cities such as Bursa to an even more strategic point, and said: We are going through a period in which security and risk management against price fluctuations in the supply of inputs come to the fore, and energy prices and costs continue at high levels all over the world. Therefore, the use of scale and resource efficiency in production has become more important than ever. As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will continue to work to find solutions to the problems of our business world with a proactive approach and to ensure that our companies get through this process with the least damage. If we bring new investment areas to Bursa with the opportunities offered by the changing supply structure and support our companies with new generation incentives, we can achieve a much stronger growth move. The way to do this is through spatial planning.”

The results of the Bursa 250 Large Firms Survey can also be viewed on the website with the extension ilk250.org.tr.

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