Applications Started for IMM's 'Software Training Project'

Applications Started for IMM's Software Development Project
Applications Started for IMM's 'Software Training Project'

Applications have started for the “Software Training Project” implemented by IMM. Aiming to bring at least 100 female software developers to the technology sector at the end of the program, IMM will also provide employment support through Regional Employment Offices. Trainings for the “Software Training Project”, whose application deadline is 30 November, start on 3 October. Anyone with an associate degree can apply for the training.

In order to contribute to the qualified human resources needed by the technology sector, applications have started to be received for the "Software Training Project" implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources and Education Department.

The primary goal of the “Software Training Project”, which anyone with at least an associate degree can apply to, who wants to steer their career in the field of informatics; to bring qualified young people to the software industry. At the end of the training program, implemented with the support of Fenerbahçe University and Farmasi, it is aimed to bring at least 100 female software developers to the sector.


Candidates whose applications are found suitable will first take the exam at Fenerbahçe University and then be interviewed. Those whose evaluations are positive will be included in the program.

Persons eligible to participate in the program; He will receive a total of 500 hours of training, including technical and personal development training to be provided by Fenerbahçe University and Enstitü İstanbul İsmek.


The courses in the training program, which is open to the application of anyone who wants to shape their career in the field of information technologies, will start on October 3, 2022. The trainings will last for 72 days in total for each group. The trainings to be carried out by the leading academic trainers of the sector at Fenerbahçe University Ataşehir campus, the first group of 20 people, 20 in the morning and 40 in the evening, will start the training after 40 days. Personal development trainings to be given by Enstitü Istanbul İsmek will be held online via the website. The application deadline for the trainings that will last until January 2023 is November 30, 2022.


IMM; Through the Regional Employment Offices, it will provide employment support to those who regularly attend the courses and who are entitled to graduate successfully in the exams in the Programmer Training Project, which is given completely free of charge.


  • Applications can be made by clicking the "Application Form" button in the upper right corner of the main page on the 100 Women Software Developers website ( and filling out the form here.
  • Those who want to apply for the 100 Women Programmers Training Program can also apply through the “Istanbul Yours” smart city application, which provides easy access to all services of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality from a single source.

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