180 New Motorcycles for Dolphin Cops in Istanbul

New Motorcycle for Dolphin Cops in Istanbul
180 New Motorcycles for Dolphin Cops in Istanbul

180 new motorcycles, provided by the Ministry of Interior for the use of Dolphin Police, were delivered at a ceremony held at the Istanbul Police Department.

Deputy Minister İsmail Çataklı said in his speech, “Since 2017, we have placed an average of 200 motorcycles at the disposal of only our public order units every year.”

The delivery ceremony of 180 new motorcycles to be used by Yunus Police was held at the Vatan campus of the Istanbul Provincial Police Department. Deputy Minister İsmail Çataklı, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Istanbul Provincial Police Chief Zafer Aktaş, Branch Managers and many police officers attended the ceremony. At the delivery ceremony, which started with the singing of the National Anthem and a moment of silence, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya and Deputy Minister İsmail Çataklı delivered a speech.

Deputy Minister İsmail Çataklı started his speech on the treacherous attack in Mersin and said, “I wish mercy from Allah Almighty to our brothers and all our martyrs who were martyred in the treacherous attack that took place last night. I wish our injured a speedy recovery. As you know, our Honorable Minister Süleyman Soylu was going to attend. As soon as they heard about the incident last night, they went to Mersin with our General Director of Police. That's why they're not with us."

“We place an average of 200 motorcycles at the disposal of only our public order units every year”

Saying that 180 motorcycles have been put into service today, our deputy minister, Mr. Çataklı said, “Istanbul is entering the service of our people's security and order. Since 2017, we have been placing an average of 200 motorcycles at the disposal of only our public order units every year. In 2016, we had 159 motorcycles in our public order units. We currently have 932 motorcycles. Of course, in this account, there are also those who were unable to work in the past and those who were renewed. In other words, we are both increasing and renewing our motorcycle fleet. In 2017, our motorcycle dolphin teams were serving in 61 cities. We have now increased this number to 2022 as of 76. Our friends still provide this service with 4 thousand 416 personnel and 912 thousand XNUMX motorcycles. Please also analyze these numbers, these magnitudes from a cost perspective. Please, everyone, visualize the effort of the staff working here, the fuel spent here and other expenses. Do we have any shortcomings? Of course there is. But everyone should appreciate that there was a great effort, a great effort. It is not acceptable for someone to try to cause discord in this organization despite all these, while giving martyrs when appropriate, and to constantly try to demoralize our friends," he said.

“We Extended the Strategy to Eliminate the Problem at the Source to Other Security Areas”

Our Deputy Minister, Mr. Çataklı continued in his speech, “Especially after July 15, with the guidance of our President, we expanded the strategy of eliminating the problem we just passed through in the fight against terrorism at its source, to other security areas as well. We are trying to dry migration at its source. We even carry out operations in international waters to catch drugs before they come to the country. On the other hand, we have taken many measures in terms of security in our cities. We put 30 thousand guards on duty and I would like to express that we achieved results in the form of a reform. We have increased the accessibility and crime tracking capacity of our law enforcement units with the motorcycle purchases I mentioned, drones from helicopters, and systems such as KGYS and 'Gamer'.

“We see a 55,5 percent decrease in theft crimes in Istanbul”

Speaking about the data of our Ministry, Mr. Çataklı said, “Our efficiency and productivity in the field has increased with many integration steps between our Police and Gendarmerie, from fingerprints to other data. We got positive results from every step we took. Our Ministry of Interior has a data center. I would like to express the numbers I got from there. Istanbul hosts 18,7 percent of Turkey's population. However, 14 percent of public order incidents take place in this province. Less when compared to the population. All theft crimes decreased by 2017 percent between 2021-31,5 in Turkey. When we look at Istanbul, we see a decrease of 55,5%,” he said.

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