Roads are More Pleasant and Safe with Esan Battery


Esan Akü, proud of meeting the energy needs of your vehicles on the roads in the best way for years, continues to grow rapidly among the leading companies of the sector in battery technologies by incorporating technological developments. Batteries are preferred not only for transportation vehicles, but also in all areas where an uninterrupted power supply is needed. Moreover, there are different technologies and usage areas in vehicle usage. Battery preferences vary for these vehicles as well. After the needs in the sector are determined in the most accurate way, choices are made at the point of production where technology and quality are at the forefront. The roads will become safer and more enjoyable with Esan Akü, where meticulous work is carried out from the very beginning to the end.

Different Battery Preferences According to Each Usage Area

We can see batteries in almost every aspect of our lives. What is a battery In the face of the question, we can consider the function of work. Its working principle is the conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy. With the power obtained from this system, batteries are used in many areas such as lighting, power supply and communication in vehicles. It can be used to maintain production in the areas it affects, to meet the heat need, to operate transportation or work vehicles, to illuminate areas such as mines or hospitals, or to work with various clinical devices. We can add many more fields to this list. In order to determine the most suitable battery for your vehicle, you must first determine the area of ​​use and the energy needed. Esan Akü offers state-of-the-art production batteries for every field, with advantage from the dealers closest to your location. battery prices You can get it with. 

Traction Battery Technology for Your Business Vehicles

Various construction machines are used in some areas in the production and service sector. We can see vehicles such as forklifts, pallet trucks, cleaning machines, conveyor belts in factories and markets. From the word traction, which is used in the sense of pushing, a design is made for this movement in batteries for traction. It can be used not only in the production area, but also in the fields such as hobby and sports. Also in boats, caravans and golf vehicles traction battery is used. Since it is a type of battery that we can examine under the title of industrial batteries, the area of ​​use it affects is quite high. It has a different charging process compared to other batteries. They can be created in line with the desired amperage requirement. Esan Akü, which is always by the side of the manufacturer, makes a difference with the options it offers together with quality and technology for the batteries needed in the industrial field. 

Pioneer of Experience and Technology; Esan Battery!

Esan Akü, which has increased its business volume in a short time since its establishment, continues to produce every battery needed for different uses and business lines in its modern and technology-equipped facilities. Expanding its production facilities as a result of increasing business volume, Esan Akü has smart production systems and obtains high quality products with the latest technology robot and automation systems. With its experience of more than 40 years, the successful company, which is now one of the leading and leading companies in its sector, exports batteries to more than 4 countries in 60 different continents. By combining its experience with technology, Esan Akü incorporates the power of innovations and increases its success day by day with its well-equipped and dynamic team.