Peace Practice to Combat Simultaneous Irregular Migration across the Country

Nationwide Peace Practice to Combat Simultaneous Irregular Immigration
Peace Practice to Combat Simultaneous Irregular Migration across the Country

General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command units, together with the provincial units of the Directorate of Migration Management, in their areas of responsibility, derelict places where foreign nationals can stay, areas where they mostly reside, public entertainment venues, truck garages, in order to effectively fight against irregular migration and migrant smuggling. On 19.07.2022, at 32.719 points with 152 personnel and 7.161 detector dogs, at XNUMX points in the terminals, ports and fishermen's shelters, public transportation stops and stations, the Peace Practice for Combating Irregular Migration was implemented.

In the application of peace;

  • 6.024 abandoned buildings,
  • 11.296 public places,
  • 485 terminals,
  • A total of 4.158 sites were checked, of which 21.963 were other sites.

In practice;

  • A total of 12 organizers, 18 of whom were foreign nationals, were detained,
  • 1.141 irregular migrants were caught.
  • A total of 16 wanted persons, 610 of whom are foreign nationals, were identified.
  • Administrative sanctions were imposed on a total of 348 individuals, 66 of whom were foreign nationals and 414 Turkish citizens.

Within the scope of the application;

  • 2 trucks-vans-buses-cars and
  • It was determined that 1 boat-boat was used for irregular migration,
  • 6 unlicensed hunting rifles,
  • 2 unlicensed pistols,
  • 2 blank pistols,
  • 18 bullets,
  • 2 cutting tools,
  • 1.255 g cannabis,
  • 23 grams of heroin,
  • 10 g methamphetamine,
  • 188 root cannabis plants and
  • 1.037 packs of contraband cigarettes were seized.

As the Turkish Police Organization, we will continue our efforts to prevent migrant smuggling without compromise by adhering to our duties, authorities and responsibilities within legal limits.

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