Turkey Champion Skier Becomes a Protective Mother

Turkey Champion Skier Becomes a Protective Mother

Turkey Champion Skier Becomes a Protective Mother

Gaye Dülger, a diving instructor, who won the Turkish championships in professional skiing, which lasted for about 15 years, became the foster mother of Ilda baby.

Gaye Dülger, who is a diving instructor as well as a professional skier, talked about her protective motherhood journey.

Stating that he has been working as a diving instructor for 25 years, Dülger said that he has trained over 600 diving professionals.

Stating that he started skiing at the age of 5, before his diving career, and that he has been professionally engaged for 15 years, Dülger stated that he has been participating in competitions since the age of 6. Gaye Dülger stated that she competed for 15 years, became the champion of Turkey 5 times, and had regional and provincial first and second prizes.

Stating that he had a colorful and adrenaline-filled life, Dülger also explained that he had been traveling intercity and internationally by motorcycle for 10 years.

“When I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, she was 5 months old”

Gaye Dülger, 46, stated that she had wanted to adopt since she was 20, and that she and her husband decided to become a foster family after they got married in 2019.

Expressing that their lives became more colorful than the previous day after becoming a foster family, Dülger said, “My life was very colorful before, but we were used to those colors now. I see them as a part of my life. In my daily life, I always do sports, I go skiing in the winter, and I dive constantly in the summer. Diving is already a part of my life. Now that I have a daughter, I do everything with her again. When I first held my daughter in my arms, she was 5 months old, a very tiny baby, now 13 months old.” he said.

Dülger stated that she wanted Ilda to be directed to a field she loves in line with her talents in the future, emphasizing that motherhood is the most beautiful and meaningful color in her life.

Her brother plays the guitar, our daughter dances

Explaining that they did not know about the concept of foster family when they wanted to adopt, Dülger said that they learned about it later, adding that they applied for both foster family and adoption at the same time.

Dülger stated that her husband had a son from his previous marriage and continued as follows:

“First we learned how foster family is. Before making our application, we also consulted my wife's son on this issue. Because it was very important to us whether a sibling came or not, whether he wanted to live the rest of his life with him. Our son also made us very happy, we were not very surprised, because he is a very good-hearted child who lives with his emotions. He approached with great love, wanted a lot and said, 'We have to love him very much. Will you be able to look after him as you can look at me, will you be able to provide the opportunities you have provided me?' said. It made us so happy and encouraged. We are lucky to have such a kind-hearted son.”

Gaye Dülger, who stated that they were waiting for the fourth member of their family with excitement and impatience with their son, and that the day their daughter arrived was in a festive mood, "Now they are playing together. Our daughter is dancing while her brother plays the guitar. They have a very good relationship.” used the phrase.

Gaye Dülger stated that she wanted to teach her daughter everything she knows and said, “I take care of everything. At about 6 months, he started swimming slowly. He is holding on to me, swimming without sleeves, diving in. He will be able to swim independently next year.” he said.

Expressing that they will go everywhere together in the mountains, on the sea, on the plain and they will do every activity together, Dülger said, “He also comes to work with me, he plays with me while I work. We attend meetings together. He comes with us to dive training on the boat. We will go skiing together this winter, and he will ride with me in his kangaroo.” said.

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