Toyota Breaks Record With European Sales

Toyota Breaks Record With European Sales

Toyota Breaks Record With European Sales

Toyota managed to minimize the effects of the pandemic and chip supply problems by selling 2021 million 1 thousand 76 vehicles in Europe in 300. In this way, Toyota, outperforming the market, increased its total market share by 2021 points to 0.4 percent in 6.4. While this was an all-time record, it also achieved a growth of 2018 percentage points since 1.4. However, Toyota Europe was able to reach the European Union CO2 fleet emission targets thanks to its low emission vehicle sales.

With this performance, Toyota achieved the position of the second highest selling brand in the passenger car market for the first time in Europe. The key to this success was the great interest in the wide product range with low CO2 emissions, consisting of electric, fuel cell electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles.

As for the brand, Toyota, which increased its sales by 1 percent compared to 3 by selling 859 million 2020 thousand 9 vehicles, increased its hybrid sales in Europe by 19 percent compared to the previous year and reached 579 thousand 698 units. In 2021, Toyota's market share as a brand increased by 0.6 points to 6.3 percent. While the hybrid sales rate in Western Europe increased to 69 percent, it was 58 percent in Europe.

The best selling models of the brand were Corolla product range with 208 thousand units, Yaris with 179 thousand 383 units and RAV161 with 266 thousand 4 units. These three models accounted for 55 percent of the brand's sales. Toyota's best-selling hybrids were Corolla Hybrid product range with 166 thousand 811 units, Yaris Hybrid with 143 units and C-HR Hybrid with 595 thousand 112 units.

Showing its new electric models last December, Toyota continues to take firm steps towards its carbon neutral target. Toyota, which will offer 2030 electrified models globally by 30, will take its place in every segment. However, by 2030, Toyota Europe's goal will be to achieve at least 50 percent zero emissions sales in Western Europe. By 2035, it will be ready to reduce CO2 by 100 percent in all new vehicles in the EU region.

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