TEKNOFEST 2022 Technology Competition Applications Started

TEKNOFEST 2022 Technology Competition Applications Started
TEKNOFEST 2022 Technology Competition Applications Started

Applications for TEKNOFEST technology competitions, which thousands of young people have been waiting for and followed with interest, have been opened. The wind of TEKNOFEST, one of the biggest aviation festivals in the world, will blow from the North this year! Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which will be held in the Black Sea between August 30 and September 4, 39 different technology competitions will be held this year, from Rocket to Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence to Underwater Systems.

Aiming to raise awareness of technology and science in the whole society, and to increase Turkey's human resources trained in science and engineering, TEKNOFEST supports young people who will produce the technologies of the future with technology competitions.

With technology competitions where more competition categories are opened every year than the previous year, TEKNOFEST 2022; Held for the first time, Vertical Landing Rocket will host a total of 39 different technology competitions, including Barrier-Free Living Technologies, High School Students Climate Change Research and Hyperloop Development Competitions.

Applications for TEKNOFEST 2022 Technology Competitions have started!

If you want to be a part of TEKNOFEST by participating in technology competitions, the deadline is February 28!

For applications: teknofest.org

TEKNOFEST 2022 Technology Competitions

1. Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Competition

2. Rocket Competition

3. Fighting UAV Contest

4. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition

5th Robotaxi-Passenger Autonomous Vehicle Competition

6th Model Satellite Competition

7. Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition

8. Swarm Robots Competition

9. Mixed Herd Simulation Competition

10. Artificial Intelligence in Health Contest

11. Artificial Intelligence Competition in Transportation 12.

Flying Car Contest

13th Jet Engine Design Competition

14th Technology Contest for the Benefit of Humanity

15th Educational Technologies Competition

16. Smart Transportation Competition

17th Biotechnology Innovation Competition

18th Environment and Energy Technologies Competition

19th Agricultural Technologies Competition

20. Agricultural SDR Competition

21st Helicopter Design Competition

22nd Digital Technologies Competition in Industry

23rd Tourism Technologies Competition

24. University Students Research Project Competition

25. High School Students Pole Research Projects Competition

26. Turkey Drone Championship

27th World Drone Cup

28. Turkish Natural Language Processing Competition

29. Hack Black Sea

30th Travel Hackathon

31. ISIF

32. Robotics Competitions

33. TAKE OFF International Enterprise Summit

34. Pardus 21 Error Catching and Suggestion Contest

35th TÜBA-TEKNOFEST Doctorate Science Award

36th Hyperloop Development Competition

37. High School Students Climate Change Research Projects Competition

38. Vertical Landing Rocket Competition

39. Barrier-Free Living Technologies Competition

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