EGO Mobile Application Renewed

EGO Mobile Application Renewed
EGO Mobile Application Renewed

The EGO CEP'TE application, which is offered by the EGO General Directorate for our citizens to monitor public transportation vehicles, has been redesigned.

The EGO CEP'TE application, which has been implemented with a simple and useful new interface design, has been published on the IOS platform. The new version will be available to ANDROID users in the near future.

Since the EGO CEP'TE application has been renewed both in design and structure, the user favorite and AnkaraKart information in the previous version cannot be transferred to the new version. Users are required to re-register AnkaraKart and favorite information in this version. However, in the next version updates, the saved information of the citizens will be transferred to the next versions without any problems.

Detailed information on the new interface work, which has been completely updated with EGO's own means and resources, will be shared with citizens on the website and social media accounts as soon as possible.


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