Composite Production Methods Training for Bursa Business World

Composite Production Methods Training for Bursa Business World
Composite Production Methods Training for Bursa Business World

Within the scope of BTSO Academy Project, which is the training and development platform of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), for the business world, 'Raw Materials Used in Composite Materials and Production Methods' training was held at Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM).

BTSO Academy continues its training programs for sector representatives without interruption in 2022. Due to the pandemic, the BTSO Academy, where training continues on the online platform, continues to attract intense interest from business representatives and employees. 'Raw Materials Used in Composite Materials and Production Methods' training was held within the scope of BTSO Academy and hosted by BUTEKOM. BTSO Board Member Aytuğ Onur and business representatives attended the program.


BTSO Board Member Aytuğ Onur noted that the coronavirus epidemic, which marks the biggest crisis of the last 100 years on a global scale, opened the doors of a period that deeply affected all actors of working life, from the public to the real sector. Stating that Turkey provided an opportunity for a new climate for international investments and strong cooperation in this period, Onur said, “At a time when many international companies operating in different sectors are starting to design their regional supply chains, diversify geographical sources and create local alternatives, this is also the case for our Turkish companies. new opportunities have arisen. We aim to be among the leading countries of the new economy by making this success sustainable, which we have achieved with the opportunities offered by the close supply and the conjuncture. For this reason, our sensitivity to localization and nationalization has become even more important.” said.


Aytuğ Onur has added a new dimension to BUTEKOM's services in recent years, under the leadership of BTSO, in the exemplary cooperation of Uludağ Textile Exporters' Association and Uludağ Ready-made Clothing and Apparel Exporters' Association. kazanhe said he hung up. Noting that BUTEKOM has made significant contributions to the goals of the city and the region with its 'Textile and Technical Textile Center of Excellence' and 'Advanced Composite Materials Research and Excellence Center', which are the first in Turkey, Onur said, BUTEKOM, which produces solutions with its academic staff, is at the service of our business world with its modern laboratories, education, meeting and conference rooms, sample production facilities, fashion and design areas in an area of ​​​​13 thousand square meters equipped with the latest technology. It continues its activities in line with our goals of producing low-cost, high-performance structural composites in our center of excellence for advanced composite materials, where we provide commercializable R&D projects and test, certification and prototype production services for automotive, aerospace, defense, rail systems, maritime and wind in particular. . On this occasion, I invite all our related organizations to benefit from the services we have provided at BUTEKOM.” he said.

BTSO Board Member Onur added that within the scope of BTSO Academy Project, more than 600 training and development programs have been organized physically and online with competent and expert names, and more than 85 participants benefited from these programs.

After the opening speech, the panel started. In the program, mechanical engineers Fatmagül Dede and Emre Oruç gave information to the participants about the classification of composite materials, the raw materials used and their application areas.

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