Breast Pain is seen in 3 out of 1 women

Breast Pain is seen in 3 out of 1 women
Breast Pain is seen in 3 out of 1 women

Breast pain is seen in 3 out of every 1 women at certain times in their lives. It is the most common reason for consulting a doctor due to breast diseases. Medicana Avcılar Hospital General Surgery Specialist, Op. Dr. Fikret İrkin talked about chest pains.

Pain Can Be Periodic

Dr. Fikret İrkin said, “While it may be in the form of ache most frequently, pain and sensitivity to touch are very common. It is important whether these pains are periodic (before and during menstruation), whether there is swelling or redness together. Along with periodic breast pain, swelling and tightness are also common. Stress, fatty diet, caffeine consumption, smoking can reveal or increase breast pain. The common mistake made in these periods is to abandon the use of bras. In fact, during these periods, the bra should be tight, supported from below and should not be removed even while lying down. '' he stated.

If Breast Redness Happens Attention!

Noting that swelling, stiffness or redness in the breast along with breast pain is important in the diagnosis, Dr. Fikret İrkin, '' Stiffness, which is mostly characterized by tightness and fullness with unclear borders, may be an indicator of fibrocystic breast disease. In this condition, which is characterized by an increase in the connective tissue in the breast, the breast tissue is hard, full and taut. It is more common in younger patients. During these periods, the above-mentioned habits and diet should be avoided. The biggest fear in patients with breast pain is whether or not they have cancer. This concern is a factor that increases breast pain. The good news is that only 5-10% of breast cancers have breast pain. Even examining and informing the patient about this issue can eliminate the source of stress and relieve the pain. '' said.

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