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ICW Hours

The Swiss-based brand is located in the city of Schaffhausen. Among the luxury watch manufacturers IWC, It was founded in 1868 by Florentine Ariosto Jones. It became a subsidiary of the Richemont Group in 2000. It stands out with the high quality of its products and the production of aviation / pilot watches. It is known for using titanium material while manufacturing.

It has risen to a leading position in this sector with its dedication to environmental protection and development. It plays an active role in the production of clock mechanisms and other parts. Engineering technology from America is combined with Swiss craftsmanship. Qualified watchmaking service labor is emphasized. Today, it has managed to appeal to an important audience with its different and beautiful designs. It attracts the attention of those who are related to the clock.

About Iwc Development

Jones bought an industrial building in 1869 and established his first factory. Over time, it continued to grow by renting rooms from old buildings. With the continuation of the works, production started in 1875 with a factory with a capacity of three hundred workplaces. At first, 196 people worked here. Johann Vogel played a serious role in his capacity as coach. He took part in the design and development of the calibers of the products until 1919.

Based on the name Pallvaber, the brand produced the first digital watch in 1885. This watch, which is quite simple in design, has not succeeded in replacing the traditional analog display. As of 1888, electricity began to enter the factories. Thus, a power line was established and at first it was only used for lighting purposes. Later, it was also used for galvanic gold plating of parts.

Success of the Iwc Brand

Knowing how to adapt to the changing conditions of the time, the brand knew how to follow the day. In the 1930s, separate machines were purchased and existing ones were developed. These revisions have been an important factor in its success. The importance given to the factory and employees is also important at this point. Processes such as expanding the living spaces of employees, establishing funds for orphans and widows are evident.

In 1944, during the Second World War, Schaffhausen was accidentally bombed by the air force of the United States Army. IWC The watch factory was hit by an unexploded bomb and even though a fire broke out, the company's own fire department intervened. After this war, the brand had to change its focus. https://www.entropia.club/tr/iwc-schaffhausen The most beautiful products are waiting for you on the page!

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