The Fund Allocated for the National Space Program in 2022 Confused

The Fund Allocated for the National Space Program in 2022 Confused
The Fund Allocated for the National Space Program in 2022 Confused

The appropriation allocated in 2018 for the 'National Space Program' to the Turkish Space Agency, which was established with the Presidential Decree at the end of 2022, created surprise.

While many countries allocate billions of dollars to space research, the Turkish Space Agency could not get enough of its investment budget in 2022.

Presidential Annual Investment Program for 2022 has been published in the repeated issue of the Official Gazette today.

According to the program, only 2021 thousand lira was allocated in 2024 for the National Space Program 2st Phase Studies project, which is stated to be realized between 269 and 1 and has a total size of 2022 billion 20 million liras. As of the end of 2021, a total of 270 million TL was spent for the program in question.

Erdogan introduced the 'National Space Program' in 2021 and said that their most important goal is to make the first contact with the Moon in 2023.

The Fund Allocated in the Year for the National Space Program Created Surprise

In the investment program, 3 million 310 thousand liras were allocated for the service building, construction and machinery equipment of the Turkish Space Agency, and 11 million 578 liras were allocated to support the development of RB and Atomic Frequency Standards.

The Turkish Space Agency had also received a very low share of its 2021 investments. According to the Presidential 2021 Investment Program, 4 million lira was allocated to the agency. This figure was 2020 million 1 thousand liras in 917.


It has been stated that 2022 million 2024 thousand liras will be allocated in 2022 to the Turkish Space Agency, which carries out the National Space Program in the 61-293 Medium Term Program. Of this appropriation, 14 million 583 thousand liras consists of personnel, 12 million 411 thousand liras consists of the purchase of goods and services. It is envisaged that 2023 million 67 thousand liras will be allocated to the Space Agency in 92 and 2024 million 72 thousand liras will be allocated in 638. 2 million lira will be allocated in 128 years. The total appropriation allocated in 3 years will be 201 million 23 thousand liras.

'Hopefully we are going to the moon'

President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a remarkable speech at the introductory meeting of the “National Space Program” held in February last year.

Erdoğan said, “Our most important goal is to make the first contact with the Moon in the 100th year. He said, "Look at the sky, see the Moon," and explained his plans to go to the Moon as follows:

“Hopefully we're going to the Moon. In the first stage, at the end of 2023, we will reach the Moon with our own national and original hybrid rocket, which we will fire in near-Earth orbit, and make a hard landing. We will carry out the first launch with international cooperation. Thus, we will have collected the necessary information for the second phase Moon mission. In the second phase, which we plan to realize in 2028, we plan to make the first launch that will bring our vehicle into close orbit, this time with our own national rockets and a soft landing. Thus, we will become one of the few countries that can carry out scientific activities on the Moon.”


Explaining the second goal as 'increasing competitiveness and getting a share from the world market with the national satellite project', Erdoğan said, “Our third goal is to develop a regional positioning and timing system that belongs to Turkey. Only six countries in the world have this satellite technology, which is used for civil and military purposes. We will be able to develop our own precision navigation satellites, especially in defense agriculture, urbanism and autonomous vehicles.” he said.

The fourth goal, Erdogan said, is to "provide access to space and establish a spaceport operation". Stating that the spaceport will be built in cooperation with "one of the friendly and brotherly countries" that are geographically suitable, Erdogan said, "Our fifth goal is to increase our competence in space." We have the infrastructure for this. Our seventh goal is to further develop the space industry ecosystem in our country.”(SÖZCÜ)

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