Kartepe Cable Car Project Pre-Qualification Tender Held

Kartepe Cable Car Project Pre-Qualification Tender Held
Kartepe Cable Car Project Pre-Qualification Tender Held

📩 25/01/2022 18:15

The first tender phase of the Kartepe Cable Car Line Project, which will be carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Industry Cooperation Program (SIP) of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, was held in November of last year. In the qualification tender, the documents of 3 companies that submitted files for the cable car line were approved. It was stated that the second and third tenders would be held for the technical specifications and price offers to the companies. Technical details were evaluated by making a second meeting with the companies. In the third stage of the tender process, new offers from 3 companies were received in the assembly hall in the Metropolitan Municipality Service Building.


Leitner AG/SpA, Grant Yapı Teleferik and Bartholet Maschinensau AG+Kırtur Tourism partnership submitted a file to the prequalification tender held by the Metropolitan in November. In the last tender held in two sessions on Tuesday, January 25th, the Metropolitan Municipality requested new offers from 3 companies that had previously submitted files. In the first session of the tender held in the morning, Bartholet AG+Kır Tur partnership submitted the lowest bid with 399 million. In the second session held in the afternoon, the lowest bid came from the partnership of Grand Yapı and Pam İnşaat with 318 million.


In the morning part of the tender held in the Metropolitan Service Building, the offers of 3 companies that previously submitted a pre-qualification file for the Kartepe Cable Car line were received. In the first session, the partnership of Grand Yapı and Pam İnşaat submitted an offer of 433 million TL, the partnership of Leintner and SPA of 459 million 905 thousand TL, and the partnership of Bartholet AG and Kır Tur offered 399 million TL.


In the second session of the auction in the afternoon, the last bids of the three companies were received in sealed envelopes. In this session, Grand Yapı+Pam İnşaat partnership gave the lowest bid with 318 million TL, while Leintner+SPA partnership gave 349 million TL, Bartholet.

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