Fourth Stage Excitement in Örnekköy Urban Transformation Project

Fourth Stage Excitement in Örnekköy Urban Transformation Project
Fourth Stage Excitement in Örnekköy Urban Transformation Project

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the launch of the fourth phase of the Örnekköy Urban Transformation Project. Stating that they have established new earthquake-resistant neighborhoods in six regions of İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, “We are doing the urban transformation not under conditions of abundance, but while the foreign exchange skyrocketed, the construction industry is going through the hardest days of the last period, and the economy is being dragged into a great depression. We will carry this burden by not only putting our hands, but also our body under the stone," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the launch of the fourth phase, which includes 380 residences and 27 workplaces in the Örnekköy Urban Transformation Area. At the introductory meeting, the opening of the sales and promotion office of SS Business People Ornekkoy Housing Cooperative, with which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality collaborated on the project, was also held. İZBETON, a subsidiary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, signed a contract with “SS Business People Ornekköy Housing Building Cooperative” on January 7 to start the construction in the fourth phase, where infrastructure works are continuing rapidly. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its urban transformation works with the principles of 100 percent consensus, on-site transformation and "Metropolitan assurance and guarantee".

“We are doing this work in a difficult time”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that the wounds of the 30 October earthquake were healed quickly with the spirit of solidarity demonstrated by the people of İzmir, and emphasized that permanent solutions regarding İzmir's building stock were also implemented one by one. President Soyer, “The ancients say: 'A master tailor sews loose shirts out of tight fabric.' With the inspiration we get from this promise, we are patiently solving the deadlocked urban transformation problem of İzmir, stitch by stitch. We are carrying out the urban transformation not under conditions of abundance, but while the foreign exchange has skyrocketed, the construction industry is going through the most difficult days of the last period, and the economy is drifting into a great depression. Moreover, at one point, not in two or three places, but in Ege Mahallesi, Uzundere, Ballıkuyu, Çiğli Güzeltepe, Gaziemir and Örnekköy,” he said.

“We made İZBETON a strong actor”

Stating that they have established new earthquake-resistant neighborhoods in six regions of İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, “For this reason, we have made İZBETON a strong actor in the urban transformation of İzmir. Thanks to İZBETON, we are rapidly realizing our vision despite the very difficult economic conditions we are in. Approximately 6 thousand people from İzmir live in the Ornekkoy Urban Transformation Area.

By reaching a consensus with almost all of our citizens, we included the title deeds within the scope of the project. We are building 18 residences and 3 workplaces in stages on this 520-hectare area.”

“We are building a home for our citizens”

Emphasizing that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality does not see urban transformation as only reducing the old building stock, Mayor Soyer said, “We do not demolish buildings and build buildings. We are building homes for our citizens. We do not seek to distribute rent to anyone. We seek to provide peace to our citizens. We carry out the urban transformation with the principle of 100 percent reconciliation, without alienating our citizens from their neighborhoods and places of birth. We are establishing neighborhoods that every Izmir citizen deserves, with green areas, social facilities, libraries, playgrounds and sports areas. With the urban transformation, 68 thousand square meters of green space and 20 thousand square meters of social reinforcement in Örnekköy kazanwe are raising. We are establishing a two-storey marketplace with an indoor sports area of ​​3 square meters and a closed area of ​​500 square meters. Right after we started the third stage in Örnekköy, we started working with the Businessmen Ornekkoy Housing Cooperative for the fourth stage in a short time like a month.”

“We carried the support we gave in the agriculture sector to the construction sector as well”

Stating that the fourth stage project of Örnekköy consists of three blocks with a construction area of ​​54 thousand 635 square meters, Mayor Soyer continued his words as follows: “While there are 202 residences and 15 workplaces belonging to the contractor in the project, 178 residences and 12 workplaces belonging to our municipality, that is, a total of There are 407 independent sections. The estimated cost of the work is 167 million 528 thousand 903 liras.

With this project, we are carrying the support we give to cooperatives in the agricultural sector to the construction sector. This urban transformation model unique to İzmir is the result of our mutual understanding and solidarity with each other, rather than saying I know how to solve İzmir's problems. The support of the business world to the fourth stage after the third stage in Örnekköy and the responsibility of business people from Izmir gives us all hope. It increases our confidence in İzmir's innovative power even more.”

“We will carry this burden by putting our body under the stone”

President Soyer emphasized that everyone has the right to live in a fair city and stated that every citizen of Izmir has the right to live in a country with higher welfare. Soyer said, “However, we must know that no one has any intention of presenting justice or welfare to anyone on a golden platter. Whatever we do, we will do it ourselves. We are the people. We will continue our struggle by fighting tooth and nail and believing only in democracy. We will bear this burden, not only by putting our hands but also our bodies under the stone. As the mayor of this city, I promise you. As long as I am in this position, I will not depend on anyone. I will meet every need of our citizens without showing to the left what the right hand gives. You will see, as long as there is this spirit of solidarity in İzmir, we will overcome all the obstacles ahead. I would like to thank the Businessmen Ornekköy Housing Building Cooperative, who contributed greatly to the realization of this project, and all my colleagues in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZBETON.”

“We will give all kinds of support”

Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) Chairman of the Board Ender Yorgancılar said, “Taking a new step in urban transformation is extremely important for our future, for our children. We are a city living in an earthquake zone. There are so many faults… It has been scientifically explained how big the loss would be in case of any fluctuation in the benefit passing through the Gulf. These projects will save us. That's why we have to take decisive action. I would like to thank the mayor of the city for his leadership. In the next process, we will provide all kinds of support with non-governmental organizations and other participants in İzmir.”

“İzmir will set an example for Turkey as in many other fields”

İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) Chairman of the Board of Directors Mahmut Özgener emphasized the importance of the urban transformation model implemented in İzmir and said, “I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor, who played a very important role in the formation of this exemplary model. Urban transformation is one of the priority issues of İzmir. As these projects increase, İzmir will set an example for Turkey as it is in many other fields”.

“The future will be beautiful with solidarity”

Şenol Arslanoğlu, Head of Businessmen Ornekkoy Housing Cooperative, stated that urban transformation is one of the most important agenda items of cities, and said, “My favorite definition for urban transformation is: A comprehensive vision that tries to find a permanent solution to the economic, physical, social and environmental problems of the urban region undergoing transformation. action. What we need is vision. I would like to thank Chairman Tunç Soyer, who paved the way for solving problems permanently and rationally. We all need to support this will. It is our duty to see and support urban transformation as Turkey's future, not today's project. The future will be much better with solidarity," he said.

“We support efforts to create long-term living spaces”

Mehmet Ali Kasalı, President of the Western Anatolian Federation of Industrialists' and Businessmen's Associations (BASİFED), said, “As representatives of the business world, we are here to support urban transformation projects that involve public, private and voluntary sector collaborations for the creation of sustainable and livable cities that preserve historical, cultural and environmental resources. . We see the efforts of our municipality and our friends to create long-term living spaces for this city rather than short-term added values. It is up to us, who follow these projects, to stand by our Municipality and pay our debt of loyalty to this city.”

Who participated?

The launch was attended by CHP İzmir Deputies Mahir Polat, Tacettin Bayır, Konak Mayor Abdül Batur, Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, council members, representatives of non-governmental organizations and many citizens attended.

Construction work continues on the second and third phases.

Within the scope of the first phase of the Ornekkoy Urban Transformation Area, 130 residences and 13 offices were delivered on a turnkey basis. The second phase construction works, which include 170 residences and 20 workplaces, are continuing. With the completion of the third phase works, 584 residences and 27 more workplaces will be handed over to the beneficiaries.

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