TCDD General Manager Akbaş Attended UIC International Symposium

TCDD General Manager Akbaş Attended UIC International Symposium
TCDD General Manager Akbaş Attended UIC International Symposium

International Union of Railways (UIC), “The Future of Railways; Organized a symposium on “Making Transition Between Modes Attractive”. Metin Akbaş, General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), represented our country at the symposium held online between November 30 and December 1, 2021.

Research, sustainability, EU Green Deal targets, business development and technological innovations were discussed at the symposium organized by UIC to kick off its 100th anniversary celebrations. 2030 mobility environment was defined by giving the opportunity to present transformation projects. In addition, a roadmap was presented that will transform railways into a sustainable element for mobility in the next 5, 10 and 15 years.

During the 2-day symposium, a panel on “High Speed ​​Railways for Regional Integration” and a round table meeting on “The Shape of Future Mobility: Recommendations from all UIC Regions” were held.

General Manager Akbaş, in his speeches at the symposium events, stated that as TCDD, they are aware of the importance of regional integration and connectivity, and that they have a great experience in a short time in the high-speed railway operation, which has been in progress since 2009. kazanand what is acquired from them kazanHe stated that they continue on their way with new investments, by adapting quickly and efficiently to the "new normal" concept, they are working to strengthen the place of the environmentally friendly, innovative and sustainable railway system in our region in the world transportation sector, they have developed cooperation in this direction and they attach importance to investments. .

General Manager Metin Akbaş also stated that, foreseeing that more sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly energies could be used in the future, they took firm steps to achieve the carbon neutral targets specified in the "Railway Climate Responsibility" commitment, and in this context, they encouraged the members of the region not to miss the train going in this direction; He stated that in addition to the green energy works, steps were taken in this direction by giving importance to the ecological balance and wildlife in the construction works, and that they contributed to the works for the pastures by contributing to the agricultural lands in the regions close to the construction lines.

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