Russia Finds First Investor in China European Highway

Russia Finds First Investor in China-Europe Highway
Russia Finds First Investor in China-Europe Highway

The first investor was found for the Meridian highway, which will connect Europe with western China. Business FM wrote that the Eurasian Development Bank will contribute to the financing of the project worth 430 billion rubles ($5,8 billion).

According to the news, the relevant memorandum of understanding was signed during the Eurasian Congress. The amount the bank has committed to provide is close to 200 billion rubles. It was learned that with this money, it was planned to build the part of the road within the borders of Russia.

The 2-kilometer Russian part of the road will run from the Orenburg Province on the Kazakhstan border to the Krasnaya Gorka point on the Belarusian border.

However, the news portal reminds that the Russian state highway company Avtodor is also planning to build a road very close to the Meridian. The state project M-12 highway also claims to connect China and Europe.

Experts consulted by the portal are skeptical of the realization of the Meridian project, which is planned to be paid. Mikhail Blinkin from the Higher School of Economics pointed out that the Russian state would not invest money in the project and expressed his opinion that there is no freight transport route in the world that can be financed with tolls.

Official sources report that 80% of the expropriation works related to the road construction have been completed. However, it is unclear when construction will begin.


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