Capital City Women Learn Defense Techniques

Capital City Women Learn Defense Techniques
Capital City Women Learn Defense Techniques

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to sign projects that prioritize women, children and family health in the Capital. The Department of Women and Family Services, which continues its awareness activities on the prevention of violence against women, started to provide 'Women's Defense Sports Demo Training' to female members of Mamak Şafaktepe, Bahçelievler, Ottoman Women's Clubs and Ottoman Family Life Center in cooperation with EGO Sports Club. Women from Başkent show great interest in the free defense sports lessons given by KickBoxing and Muaythai National Teams Coach Şahin Eroğlu.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality adds a new one to its women-friendly practices every day.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented projects that prioritize women, children and family health in the capital, continues to provide “Women Defense Sports Demo Training” to the members of the Women's Clubs in order to raise awareness about combating violence against women.


Aiming to prevent violence against women and to raise awareness of all segments of the society against violence against women, the "Women's Defense Sports Demo Training" started at Sincan Family Life Center and Esertepe Family Life Center in cooperation with EGO Sports Club by the Department of Women and Family Services Mamak Şafaktepe, Bahçelievler. continues at the Ottoman Women's Clubs and the Ottoman Family Life Center.

Mamak Şafaktepe Women's Club Manager Kadriye Arısoy said that women from the capital showed great interest in defense sports training and said, “We started martial arts classes as part of the week of combating violence against women. We try to show our women what to do and how to defend themselves when they encounter possible violence and attack outside. Participation in classes from women is quite high. Not only our members in our locals and AYM, but also all women who want to participate in these trainings can come to these trainings,” said Şahin Eroğlu, KickBox and Muaythai National Teams Coach, who gives Defense Sports training:

“The Metropolitan Municipality has started a good training program in order to prevent violence against women. I came to teach voluntarily to increase the interest of women in martial arts and to defend themselves. The members are enthusiastic about this sport and we are trying to teach our women the martial arts as much as we can.”


Expressing that they learned protection techniques thanks to the free defense trainings to be given by the Metropolitan Municipality at a Family Life Center and Women's Clubs every month, the women members expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Zehra Plaster:“I think this event is very beneficial. Especially women can protect themselves with these defense techniques against the violence they have experienced recently. I would like to see what women can do in this process. I would like to thank our President, Mansur Yavaş, because he gives great support to women. I hope these activities continue.”

Ebru Altun: “Defense training is a training that can be very beneficial for women. I really enjoyed being here.”

Duygu Burçak: “I think this event will be very useful in this period when violence against women is common and women can defend themselves with confidence.”

Merve Askan: “The event was very good for women to protect themselves. I believe it will reduce the problems women experience in daily life.”

Nuray Dalci: “Today we are going to try martial techniques for the first time. I am sure we will see the benefits. A useful tool for self-defense on the street or in the family. kazanim.”

Neslihan Yilmaz: “The defense sports lessons that our municipality has started for us will be very beneficial for us.”

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