President Insect Made Inspections on the Karaman Bridge Opened to Traffic

President Insect Made Inspections on the Karaman Bridge Opened to Traffic
President Insect Made Inspections on the Karaman Bridge Opened to Traffic

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcekmade investigations on the Karaman Bridge, which was opened to traffic. Stating that they completed the new bridge in a short period of 60 days by demolishing the 90-year-old old bridge, Mayor Insect said that even the secondary road collapsed due to heavy rain and southeastern Turkey. Mayor Insect said, “We completed this bridge with foresight and put it into service before the rains.”

While 130 kilograms of precipitation fell per square meter in Antalya, where the meteorology gave an orange code warning, the speed of the southwestern coast reached 130 km per hour. Due to the storm and precipitation, the secondary road next to the Karaman Bridge, which was demolished and rebuilt by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams, was flooded. With the new bridge being asphalted and opened to traffic a short time ago, the traffic continued without a hitch. Minister Muhittin Böcek He also examined the Karaman Bridge.


Stating that they are aware of the problems of the old bridge that serves 9 neighborhoods such as Çakırlar, Doyran, Bahtı, Karatepe and Geyikbayırı and Saklıkent, Mayor Insect said that although it was not included in the election manifesto, they demolished the old bridge and built a new one. Mayor Insect said, “We all knew the troubles of the bridge here. We started this bridge with forethought. We opened a bridge costing 26 million 531 thousand liras before the rains by completing its hot asphalt and guardrails. As we see today, the bridge on the side that we built as a secondary road is gone. However, all our citizens coming from here to 9 neighborhoods are using our bridge in the best way possible. We completed it in 90 days. In this sense, I would like to thank the contractor company," he said.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Head of Science Department Serkan Temuçin and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department Head Ahmet Kısa also gave information about rescue efforts to Mayor Insect. Stating that 154 notifications came to the Metropolitan Municipality call center, Mayor Insect said, “Generally, notifications such as tree falling and roof flying. Our citizens were also in danger in Dağbeli due to the rain. However, the fire brigade and other colleagues are at the disposal of our citizens 7/24. This was assisted by answering 154 calls.


Stating that the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will be on the alert with all its teams in the next two or three days, Mayor Insect said, “We ask all our citizens to be careful and not to get on the road unless they have to. We have taken all our measures and are on the alert. At least there is no life record, that is pleasing, but I hope we will spend the 2-day process in the best way possible," he said.

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