Collaboration from Arçelik and ASPİLSAN for Domestic Battery Production!

Collaboration from Arçelik and ASPİLSAN for Domestic Battery Production!
Collaboration from Arçelik and ASPİLSAN for Domestic Battery Production!

Arçelik, one of the world's leading companies in home technologies, joined forces with ASPİLSAN, Turkey's most competent company in battery design and production.

The signing ceremony of the cooperation between Arçelik and ASPİLSAN; The event was held in Istanbul with the participation of Arçelik Turkey General Manager Can Dinçer, ASPİLSAN Energy General Manager Ferhat Özsoy, Arçelik Deputy General Manager for Marketing Zeynep Yalım Uzun and ASPİLSAN Energy Investment Projects Management Office Director Nihat Aksüt.

Within the scope of the cooperation, Arçelik will design and produce joint batteries for small household appliances produced in Turkey with ASPİLSAN. With this cooperation, ASPİLSAN and Arçelik plan to support domestic production and increase the rate of product localization. Within the scope of the cooperation with ASPİLSAN, the battery design will be carried out for the first time in the electric upright vacuum cleaner, which has the highest domestic production rate. Afterwards, domestic production will continue with all Arçelik's rechargeable products.

“We will design and produce joint batteries for small household appliances produced in Turkey”

Arçelik Turkey General Manager Can Dinçer, in his speech at the signing ceremony, stated that the cooperation between the two companies based on trust and goodwill has been moved to a brand new platform with the agreement, and said, “Within this framework, we will design and manufacture joint batteries for small household appliances produced in Turkey. The development and production of these imported products in our country is an important step towards the localization of critical components. By reducing the foreign trade deficit, it will serve the country's economy and make a significant contribution. As Arçelik, we will continue to support the development of our industry by improving the number and scope of such collaborations.” he said.

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, stated that as ASPİLSAN, one of the companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, they have carried out 2 phases of battery production (Battery Management System-BMS (battery management system) and Battery Pack (battery packaging) until now. We will also produce cells, the most important and value-added phase, and we will first use these produced batteries in batteries that will be developed for Arçelik. Thanks to our batteries that will be packaged with locally produced batteries, carbon emissions during transportation will decrease and energy will be used more efficiently. Besides, the batteries to be produced will be small. Our company will be a pioneer in the use of domestically produced batteries by using home appliances battery systems and it will also be a solution to our foreign dependency problem in this regard.”

Arçelik Deputy General Manager for Marketing Zeynep Yalım Uzun stated that the cooperation would be very beneficial for both companies and said that localizing production also provides benefits in terms of sustainability and that they reduced their carbon footprint by 80 percent with this project.

Nihat Aksüt, Director of ASPİLSAN Energy Investment Projects Management Office, also stated that this project is very unique and valuable for the country, and that the Arçelik brand, which is involved in every stage of life, is now at the stage of becoming a world brand.

The strategic agreement, which will progress through mutual "know-how" sharing, will also be the first step of a long-term cooperation. Apart from Arçelik and ASPİLSAN, it is aimed that companies that produce ODMs for Arçelik in Turkey will be included in this cooperation in the future.

ASPİLSAN's Lithium Ion Battery factory will start mass production in April

ASPILSAN Energy New Facility

80% of the construction of Turkey's first lithium-ion battery production facility to be established in Kayseri by ASPİLSAN Energy has been completed.

Established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1981 with the contributions of charitable business people, ASPİLSAN Energy adds power to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) by producing batteries and batteries specific to the devices used according to the needs of military units.

The factory, which has improved itself with the investments it has made, provides power to almost all kinds of portable devices or wearable technological products sold worldwide with the batteries it produces today.

ASPİLSAN also designs TAF's radio, night vision system, jamming system, anti-tank system and robotic system batteries used in mine scanning, bomb disposal, batteries and batteries used in missile and guidance kits, and anti-torpedo batteries.

80% of construction completed

According to the information received from ASPİLSAN, 25 percent of the construction has been completed in Turkey's first lithium-ion battery production facility, which has a closed area of ​​80 thousand square meters, which was founded in Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone in October last year and will begin mass production in the near future.

At the same time, the needs of both the defense industry and the private sector will be met at the facility, which will mass-produce lithium-ion batteries in Europe, and work on the development of battery cells of different types, sizes and technologies will continue in the future.

While ASPİLSAN, which carries out works for domestic production, is currently dependent on abroad only for cell supply, it will become the only cell producing company in the region with the new investment. The factory, which will end foreign dependency in this regard, will provide completely domestic production when the mines such as nickel, cobalt and manganese to be used as raw materials are supplied from the country. The total number of personnel in the production facility is expected to be 2022 in 300 and 2023 in 400.

It will also contribute to “Turkey's Automobile”

The first battery to come off the production line will be of the cylindrical type, with a capacity of 2,8 ampere-hours and a voltage of 3,6 volts. The facility, which will consist of three parts: electrode preparation, battery assembly and formation lines, will have a production capacity of 60 batteries per minute. Batteries that can operate at low temperatures can be used in a wide variety of battery systems, as they have a high C-rate (discharge rate). Cells with cylindrical cells, but with higher capacity, can also be produced in the same machine systems at the factory.

It is aimed to complete the installation of machine systems in January 900 at the factory, whose approximate cost is planned to be between 1 million and 200 billion 2022 thousand liras, and to start mass production in April 2022. ASPİLSAN, which is preparing to contribute to the automobile to be produced by Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG), will be able to produce domestic batteries for TOGG when the second phase of the investment is completed.

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