Tokat Airport Counts Days to Opening

Countdown Has Started For Tokat Airport
Countdown Has Started For Tokat Airport

The construction of the new Tokat Airport, which started in Tokat due to the fact that the old airport is not suitable for the landing of large-bodied aircraft, has come to an end. Making a statement about the airport, which costs approximately 550 million liras, Ak Party Tokat Deputy Mustafa Arslan said, "With the establishment of the customs, it will also be a border gate."

AK Party Tokat Deputy Mustafa Arslan, who examined the construction of the new airport, which started to be built in the land of Söngüt village, said, “We will put our airport into service in a short time. We anticipate that our construction will be completely finished as of December 26. On January 8, with the honor of our President, we will open it to our compatriots and put it at the service of our country. Tokat Airport to us and to our country kazanWe would like to thank our President, Mr. President, for Our airport is an airport that meets all international standards with a runway length of 2 meters and a runway width of 750 meters. With the establishment of the customs, it will also act as a border gate. The opening of our airport will make our Tokat fly in every area,” he said.

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