New Double Road Opened, Bringing an Alternative to Arifiye Transportation

New Double Road Opened, Bringing an Alternative to Arifiye Transportation
New Double Road Opened, Bringing an Alternative to Arifiye Transportation

With the double road project built in Arifiye for 5 million TL, a new gas station was opened. Chairman Ekrem Yüce said, “Our 2-kilometer double road starts at the Terminal Junction and ends at the railway overpass. Good luck to our city," he said. Yüce also announced that the ownership and expropriation of 102 hectares of Mollaköy Rowing and Canoe Track, which will be the first in Turkey, has been completed. Governor Kaldirim wished that the works that contribute to Sakarya's brand value would be beneficial.

The double road project, which brings an alternative to Arifiye transportation, was inaugurated by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. At the opening of the project, which has a length of 2 kilometers, Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever, Arifiye District Governor Bekir Dinkırcı, SUBÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Saribiyik, Provincial Police Chief Fatih Kaya, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Arif Özsoy, Provincial Mufti Hasan Başiş, district mayors, district presidents, metropolitan and SASKİ bureaucrats took part. President Yüce got behind the wheel on the double road that was inaugurated. After the opening, the gasilhane building, which was brought to life in Arifiye with the contributions of charitable people, was put into service.

Good news for Arifiye: Atatürk Street will be renewed

President Ekrem Yüce, who started his speech by wishing the gasilhane to be beneficial with the double road project inaugurated, and sharing the new good news for Arifiye, said, “We will renew Atatürk Caddesi, the most important street of the district centre. In addition, we will solve the requests we receive regarding transportation in a short time, and we will offer comfortable transportation to our citizens. Good luck in advance.” said.

32 billion investment in 2,2 months

Expressing that they have been working day and night for the past 32 months, Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “We operate in every subject that touches people in areas such as economy, social life, infrastructure and superstructure, culture and art, with the slogan of Gönül Municipality. We are proud to have invested a total of 32 billion in 2,2 months. We complete our investments by considering the future projection and produce solutions for the needs. After the completion of all infrastructure works, we are giving the superstructure a modern look.”

13 million to superstructure

Expressing that they carried out road maintenance and asphalt works of approximately 32 million in Arifiye in a 13-month period, Chairman Yüce said, “We renewed the routes exceeding 32 kilometers using 34 thousand 713 tons of asphalt. In addition to the filling works, we put 5 meters of pavement into service. We carried out cleaning work in the drainage channel of 517 meters in length. Hopefully, we will continue to take the necessary steps meticulously within our plans in the coming period," he said.

Expropriation of 102 hectares is complete for canoe and rowing track

Expressing that they will implement Turkey's first and only canoe canal track project in Arifiye, President Yüce announced that the ownership and expropriation phases of 330 hectares of Arifiye Mollaköy Rowing and Canoe Track project to be built on 102 hectares of land together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports have been completed. Yüce stated that they started the Noise Action Plan and Noise Barrier Project in order to eliminate the sound pollution originating from the Anatolian Highway passing through Sapanca and Arifiye regions.

Infrastructure needs are solved one by one

Emphasizing that they produced solutions for Arifiye's needs in infrastructure with the help of SASKİ, President Ekrem Yüce said, “With the Arifiye Kemaliye Group Drinking Water project, we have solved the water problem of our compatriots living in Kemaliye, Kışlaçay, Boğazköy, Çınardibi neighborhoods and Geyve İlimbey neighborhood. We built a 1-kilometer drinking water line with an investment of 19 million liras. We have completed our Hanlı Service Building and Archive Systems fully equipped in the region with an investment of 3 million 600 thousand liras. In addition, we have completed the 21-kilometer line production.” he said.

A brand new look to the Provincial Forest

Expressing that they have given the Provincial Forest Nature Park a brand new look and made it a very special area for the guests, President Yüce said, “With the help of the Provincial Forest BELPAŞ, we have reached the most popular forest of our region with the toran, recreation area, bungolow houses, walking paths, trekking and orienteering areas. . Last season, we hosted many visitors from both Sakarya and surrounding cities in our park. In addition, we introduce the local products of our city to our guests at our bus terminal located within the borders of our district.

Double comfort for Arifiye center transportation

Wishing that the 5-kilometer double road, where they have created a new alternative to Arifiye district transportation with an investment of 2 million liras, will be beneficial, Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “With the double road, we are opening a new boulevard that will ease the transportation of our district to the city center. Thus, we bring a new breath to the district transportation. The boulevard continues along the Terminal Junction and the Tank-Pallet Factory and ends at the Railway Overpass Bridge. We strive to serve our fellow citizens in every aspect of life. I wish you good luck. I always say; From birth to death, whatever there is about human beings, there is Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality.”

The shining star of the Arifiye region

Arifiye Mayor İsmail Karakullukçu said, “Our Arifiye is a district at the intersection of all roads, with an industrial and educational base. After Yalova, it is the most important point of outdoor ornamental planting with the greenhouse effect created by Sapanca Lake and Provincial Forest. Since 2009, when we took office in Arifiye, we have tried to develop our district and provide services to our citizens. We made an effort to meet the needs by using our resources efficiently and effectively. In consultation with all our stakeholders, we have brought invaluable works to our district with the synergy we have achieved. We have become the shining star of the region. But are the needs over? No. Together with our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, we will renew Atatürk Street and implement the new road project that will be connected to the E-5 in the Hanlı region. I wish the 2nd street and gasilhane to be good.” said.

All projects that contribute to the brand value of the city are valuable

Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim said, “I wish the double road and gasilhane projects to be beneficial. Sakarya is one of the shining star cities of not only our country but also the region and the world. All projects and works that contribute to the brand value of the city are valuable. Every work that facilitates, satisfies, makes happy and contributes to the work of our citizens is important and valuable. I congratulate our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, who produces good services in our city, does great things with the opportunities he has, and sets an example for Turkey with his projects, and wish him success. Sakarya will continue its development in industry, agriculture, tourism and all other fields.” used the phrases.

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