TAI Signature in New Generation Composite Materials

TAI Signature in New Generation Composite Materials
TAI Signature in New Generation Composite Materials

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry projects the aircraft components needed in the production stages of the survival project aircraft of our country, which it has developed and produced, with R&D studies. In this context, it continues its material development studies in the field of aerospace, especially in areas such as thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials, multifunctional new generation materials, nano materials, advanced metallic materials, paints and coatings.

Turkish Aerospace Industries, which carries out activities that prioritize university-industry cooperation in the studies carried out, also carries out joint studies with national and international platforms as well as with the leading universities of our country. In addition to the completion of testing and verification activities at every stage of the processes, starting from the sample level of all materials developed to full-size aircraft structures, by transferring this experience to the companies with which it is a business partner, these companies also have the capability in production and development. kazanis leading the charge.

Carrying out important studies on materials that will be used frequently in new generation aircraft, Turkish Aerospace Industries is simultaneously working with the world on innovative composite materials that will meet high durability and low weight requirements, in line with the high performance target, which is among the priorities of the aviation industry.

On the other hand, preliminary research, design, laboratory-scale experimental work, scaling and production, especially in areas such as nano-composite materials, paint materials that form coatings that will provide low visibility, materials that deflect electromagnetic waves, coatings that will protect aircraft from ice, and development of low-visibility canopy structure. It carries out important studies in the structure that universities are also involved in, in the processes involving the phases of Thus, it provides important inputs to the sector for the development of materials science.

Evaluating the new generation material development stages carried out by Turkish Aerospace Industries, General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “We continue our R&D activities to strengthen our independent defense and aerospace industry. Our company further strengthens its leadership in R&D with these studies. Our design, testing and production activities of new generation materials that make aircraft unique continue rapidly. Here we get kazanWe are integrating these projects into our own national and unique platforms. In this way, these capabilities on a world scale, especially in our country, can be added to the aviation ecosystem. kazanWe are carrying out important works towards

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