Heart of Gastronomy Will Beat in İzmir

Heart of Gastronomy Will Beat in İzmir
Heart of Gastronomy Will Beat in İzmir

The presentation of the international gastronomy fair, which will be held in İzmir in 2022 under the name of “Terra Madre Anadolu”, was held in Demircili Village of Ödemiş. Speaking at the launch of the fair, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer“The richness of agricultural and gastronomic products produced in our country is unmatched in the world. This culture needs to be explained and promoted to the world. Terra Madre will bring these unique recipes of Anatolian cuisine to new markets and bring them the reputation they deserve.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible", it will host the "Terra Madre" gastronomy fair under the leadership of the biggest food movement Slow Food. The fair, which is held every two years in Turin, Italy, will be held in İzmir for the first time. Terra Madre will take place simultaneously with the Izmir International Fair (IEF) between 2-11 September 2022 under the name “Terra Madre Anadolu”. The presentation of the fair was made in Demircili Village of Ödemiş with a wide participation.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the promotional event. Tunç Soyer and his wife İzmir Köy-Koop Union President Neptün Soyer, İzmir Italy Consul General Valerio Giorgio and his wife Michelle Moubarak, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu and his wife Müyesser Özuslu, Foça Mayor Fatih Gürbüz and his wife Seçil Gürbüz, Ödemiş Mayor Mehmet Eriş and Selma Eriş, Tire Mayor Salih Atakan Duran and his wife Necibe Duran, Dikili Mayor Adil Kırgöz and his wife Nesrin Kırgöz, Beydağ Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar and his wife Filiz Yılmazlar, Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin's wife İlke Engin, Kemalpaşa Mayor Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı's wife Lütfiye Karakayalı and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe and Ödemiş Demircili Agricultural Development Cooperative President Hüseyin Coşkun and his wife Birgül Coşkun, Ödemiş Bilumum Foodstuffs Chamber President Hülya Çavuş, heads and partners of producer cooperatives in the region, metropolitan bureaucrats, council members and regional headmen.

We will raise your bread

Speaking at the promotional event, President Soyer said, “I shared the six stages of our vision for another agriculture, the İzmir Agriculture Ecosystem. Since that day, I have fulfilled the promises I made to our producers and all our citizens to the letter. Among the promises we fulfilled, we laid the foundation of our dairy factory in Bayındır and opened the İzmir Agricultural Development Center in Sasalı. We renewed the meat integrated facility in Ödemiş and carried out many activities such as supporting ancestral seeds and native animal breeds. We renewed the production ways. We support manufacturers' products by purchasing them. Today, we met to realize another of the promises we made within the scope of İzmir Agriculture. I am very excited for the Terra Madre Anatolia Fair because we will bring the flavors of the world together with İzmir and the flavors of İzmir with the world. We will export what you produce. We will raise the bread for all of you," he said.

Anatolian cuisine will achieve the reputation it deserves

of Terra Madre sözcüExpressing that the meaning of k is “mother earth”, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer said, “We have only one purpose to carry this great organization to Izmir and our country. To make our small producer an exporter. To save our villagers from the economic bottleneck they are in and to grow their bread. Anatolian culinary culture is kneaded with the fertile lands, air and water of this geography. The richness of agricultural and gastronomic products produced in our country is unmatched in the world. This culture needs to be explained and promoted to the world. Terra Madre will bring these unique recipes of Anatolian cuisine to new markets and bring them the reputation they deserve.”

That's what the Metropolitan Municipality is there for!

Underlining that the main goal of İzmir Agriculture is to fight against drought and poverty, Mayor Soyer said, “The only key to combating drought is to make ancestral seeds and domestic animal breeds popular again. The way to fight poverty is to support our small producers and producer cooperatives. İzmir Agriculture is a resistance against the agricultural economy imposed on us by the exploitative, destructive and standardizing big companies. It is the reconstruction of domestic and national agriculture in our country. The only way to achieve this is to be on the side of the masters of the nation, that is, our producers. We have heard a lot of well-known rhetoric, despising our villagers and talking about the export barrier of small producers," and continued his speech as follows:0

“The small producer wouldn't know. Exporting was the job of big agricultural companies. What did the peasant understand from marketing, sales and export? With our understanding of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, all of this becomes history. If our small producer wants, he can sell his product in the market. If he wishes, he designs the most beautiful packaging and delivers it to markets and grocery stores. If it wishes, it can organize, come together and become stronger. He loads his crops from his field on a truck and sends it to Izmir Port. It sells to the whole world. That's what Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is here for.”

An era has come to an end in Izmir!

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who said, 'Don't bother, give the crop to the company, sell the crop at the expense of nothing, this era in agriculture, which is not involved in the rest, has ended in Izmir'. Tunç Soyer“No one should be sorry. With the supports and purchases we make, our producer earns money from his product. Now there is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We have been working for two and a half years in line with our vision of 'Another Agriculture is Possible'. My friends visited the pastures of our 24 districts one by one. He met 4160 shepherds and listened to their problems. He produced the shepherd's map of Izmir, which is unique in Turkey. So far, 110 thousand 430 goats, 352 thousand 185 sheep and 15 thousand 489 land cattle have been detected in our pastures. On the other hand, we have unearthed the seeds of black fish, sedge rye, damson and gambilye, which were almost extinct 10 years ago. We started with a handful, got enough seeds for thousands of acres and shared it with our farmers. We guarantee our farmers who produce these seeds to buy three times the market value. We will continue to give. Why did we do all this and will we do it? Because we love this country very much. We do not want any child to go to bed hungry, neither in the village nor in the city. We accept that everyone has the right to be fed where they were born.”

We will build a beautiful future together

Referring to the economic crisis the country is in, President Soyer said, “Our children and youth, who are partners of this day, playing in the school garden, will not experience these. Together we will build a beautiful future for them. These political and economic crises, which none of us deserve, will come to an end. Together, we will achieve this," he said.

I'm glad we're walking this road with Tunç President

Speaking at the launch of Terra Madre, Mayor of Ödemiş Mehmet Eriş said, “There is a lot to say, there is a long way to go. Thank you very much for lighting Terra Madre as a light in Demircili village. As a self-sufficient country with agriculture and animal husbandry, Tunç President teaches us what we should do with the right agricultural methods. He is teaching us. It's our light again in Terra Madre Tunç Soyer. Fortunately, we are walking this path with him. When Bronze President said 'Another Agriculture is Possible', he came to these lands. Because the importance of Ödemiş comes from its soil. This land should be used so well that it should be left to future generations with all its functionality. We know that if the manufacturer wins, we say that if the producer wins, Izmir wins, all of Turkey and Anatolia wins. We are working hard to make the producer's job easier," he said.

From the mill to the oven, then to the table

Prior to the launch of Terra Madre, the stone type flour mill of the Ödemiş Demircili Village Agricultural Development Cooperative, which has been idle for nearly 20 years, has been inaugurated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Minister Tunç Soyer, received information about the products and operation of the cooperative from Hüseyin Coşkun, President of Ödemiş Demircili Agricultural Development Cooperative. At the opening of the mill, the jug was broken as a symbol of fertility and the ancestral seed karakılçık wheat filled in small sacks. Tunç Soyer and given to the mill by protocol. The first flour that came out of the mill was put in a sack and left in the stone ovens in Demircili Village houses to be baked. Afterwards, President Soyer took out the bread with black cumin, which was baked in the ovens of the producers, and tasted it.

What is Terra Madre?

Terra Madre (Mother Earth), launched in 2004 by Slow Food, the world's largest food movement advocating for "good, clean and fair food", unites active members of food production and distribution chains to produce sustainable agriculture, fisheries and food production. aims to spread. Refusing to surrender to the industrial conditions in agriculture and the standardization of food cultures, Terra Madre includes small-scale farmers, animal breeders, fishermen, food artisans, academics, cooks, consumers and the youth group. Terra Madre, which started to be held together with Salone del Gusto in Turin, the most important gastronomy fair of the world in 2012, brings foods from different continents together with much wider masses under a single organization. The “Terra Madre” gastronomy fair, which is held in Turin, Italy, every two years, is organized under the name of “Terra Madre Anadolu” in İzmir.

The fair, which will be held under the name of “Terra Madre Anadolu”, will be attended by economists, intellectuals, ecologists, anthropologists, writers, philosophers, cooks, producer unions and cooperatives from all over the world, together with small producers from not only İzmir, but also all Turkey and the Mediterranean. “Consumers who want to reach food will participate. At the fair, where all examples of Anatolian cuisine and agricultural products will meet, the producers, who have had difficulties in marketing what they have produced so far, will introduce their ancient local products to the whole world without intermediaries. Thanks to Terra Madre Anadolu, where information will be exchanged to examine the food system with a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach, consumers will have the opportunity to discover the farmer, fisherman and producer behind the products.

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