TEI Delivered The 50th Of The Domestic Helicopter Engine It Produced

TEI Delivered The 50th Of The Domestic Helicopter Engine It Produced
TEI Delivered The 50th Of The Domestic Helicopter Engine It Produced

Acceptance tests of the 50th T700-TEI-701D engine produced by TEI within the scope of the General Purpose Helicopter Program (GMHP) initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries in order to meet Turkey's utility helicopter needs by using domestic resources, were successfully completed.

The event held at TEI Eskişehir facilities in memory of the delivery of the engine was attended by General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit, Members of the Board of Directors, TEI Managers and TEI employees attended. Speaking at the event, Akşit said that they have produced 700 of Turkey's first domestically produced helicopter engine, the T701-TEI-63D engine, and that they continue to deliver the engines whose tests have been completed. Stating that they are very happy to be delivering the 50th helicopter engine, the tests of which have been completed, Akşit shared that the T700-TEI-701D engines produced by TEI have an important place in the T700 engine family; “We get 60 horsepower more than the previous version, which is still used in our country's inventory.” said.

TEI will produce a total of 236 T700-TEI-701D Turboshaft Engines in Eskişehir facilities under the General Electric license, within the scope of the project, which will provide general purpose helicopters to be used by the General Commands of the Land Forces, Air Forces, Special Forces and Gendarmerie, General Directorate of Security and General Directorate of Forestry.

T700-TEI-701D Turboshaft Engine

The latest member of GE's T700 engine family, the T700-TEI-701D Turboshaft Engine produces a maximum power of 207 shaft horses with a weight of 2000 kg and can operate safely under the toughest environmental conditions, including desert dust. T700-TEI-701D nameplate turboshaft engine is the first helicopter engine produced in Turkey.

With the T700 – Utility Helicopter powered by T701-TEI-70D engines, it will meet Turkey's general purpose helicopter needs for cargo, search and rescue, fire fighting, air ambulance, and coastal security missions; Turkish industry will play an important role in meeting domestic needs in the military and civil fields.

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