Presidency Strategy and Budget Department to Recruit 45 Personnel

presidential strategy and budget presidency
presidential strategy and budget presidency

According to the results of the written and oral exams, 45 Assistant Strategy and Budget Experts will be recruited to the Presidency of the Presidency of Strategy and Budget.

According to the advertisement published in the Official Gazette, the departments and quotas for a total of 45 staff;

  • Economics (10),
  • Business (6),
  • Public administration (5),
  • International relations (5),
  • Law (3),
  • Finance (6),
  • Civil engineering (4),
  • computer engineering (2)
  • Industrial engineering was determined as (4).

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In order to be able to take the Strategy and Budget Assistant Specialist Examination, the candidates must be graduated from the departments of economics, business administration, public administration, international relations, law, finance, civil engineering, computer engineering, industrial engineering or higher education in the country or abroad of higher education institutions with at least 4 years of undergraduate education. graduates from the departments of their institutions that are considered equivalent to these departments by YÖK; Having received at least 5 points from the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDS) for at least one of the languages ​​English, German, French, Arabic, and Russian held within 70 years prior to the exam date, or whose equivalence is accepted by OSYM in terms of language proficiency, and It is necessary to have an equivalent or higher score in another exam with international validity.

In addition, candidates are required to get a score of 2020 or above from the points specified according to the departments they graduated from the KPSS held in 2021 or 70, and not to be 35 years old.

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