10 Rules for Premature Baby Care

The Rule That Shouldn't Be Neglected in Premature Baby Care
The Rule That Shouldn't Be Neglected in Premature Baby Care

Premature babies born long before their time; Especially since their lung development is not completed, they may face many health problems from respiration to infection, from brain hemorrhage to heart failure and serious intestinal diseases. For this reason, the words of our mothers, 'I raised you by wrapping you in cotton wool', must be treated exactly. In order to raise awareness about the problems of premature babies in the world, activities are held every year within the scope of 17 November World Prematurity Day. Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Pediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist Dr. Mehmet Malçok explained 19 rules that should not be neglected in the care of premature babies, especially those who were born under the threat of the Covid-10 pandemic, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Babies born before completing the 37th week of pregnancy are defined as premature. In fact, some little ones are much more hasty and can be born even at 23-25 ​​weeks. They are also called "living premature babies". Stating that approximately 150 thousand premature babies are born in our country for different reasons, Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Pediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist Dr. Mehmet Mal Çok “Although they are perceived as smaller babies than term babies among the public, these babies are babies born before they complete their development in the mother's womb. While birth weights also vary depending on the gestation period, they can sometimes be less than 1000 grams, that is, they can almost fit in a palm. Premature baby birth is very common in our country as in the world. While many reasons such as high blood pressure in the mother, chronic disease, infection, frequent birth, early delivery of birth water, etc. cause premature baby birth, the younger the gestational week, the more difficulties these babies will face.

The development of his lungs is completed after he is born!

Emphasizing that preterm babies, especially their lung development, eye and brain development are completed after birth, they are more sensitive and open to infections because their immune systems are not fully developed. Mehmet Malçok spoke as follows: “When the risks specific to the winter months are added to the existing risks during the current pandemic process, the threat for premature babies increases. The increase in the length of time people stay indoors, the lack of ventilation and air cleanliness in the environments they are in, the easier transmission of some viruses at low air temperatures cause the risk of infection in babies born prematurely to pose a greater threat than in normal, full-term babies. RSV viruses, which increase seasonally, are also one of the seasonal diseases that threaten preterm babies the most. When premature babies with weak immune systems and sensitive lungs get this disease, it causes complaints of narrowing of the lower airways and difficulty in breathing, but causes babies to be hospitalized again in intensive care units and receive long-term treatment.

Covid 19 poses a very serious risk!

Among other common infections in autumn and winter; Stating that rhinovirus, seasonal influenza type AB and Covid-19 can cause serious severe conditions for premature babies, Dr. Mehmet Malcok; He emphasizes that the best way to prevent these diseases is to avoid encountering sick people with premature babies. Dr. Mehmet Mal Çok “Before the Covid 19 epidemic, the restriction of home visits and hand hygiene were among the main preventive measures for the health of premature babies. Taking these measures now; With the mask and distance, it has become much more critical in the Covid 19 epidemic.”

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