İzmir Marina Strengthens the City's Relationship with the Sea

İzmir Marina Strengthens the City's Relationship with the Sea
İzmir Marina Strengthens the City's Relationship with the Sea

📩 12/11/2021 10:32

Izmir Marina, which was renovated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and put into service of the city, accelerates yacht tourism and brings children and young people in Izmir together with water sports.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIzmir Marina, which was taken over by the Metropolitan Municipality in June 2020 with the vision of bringing the people of Izmir together with the sea, and completely renovated, has become the new favorite place of the citizens. Opened on 19 May and operated by the General Directorate of İZDENİZ, İzmir Marina in Üçkuyular has become the choice of boat owners as it is the only marina in the Gulf. Bringing children and young people together with water sports with the Maritime Training Center, the marina also welcomes those who want to enjoy the view of the Gulf and the sunset in its restaurant called “Nefes”.

“Preferred point for guests coming from out of town”

Expressing that they are in high demand, İzmir Marina Operations Manager Arda Erdoğan said, “It is the only marina in İzmir Bay. It is located at a point where four roads meet. It is on the same axis with the metro, tram, coastal road, highway, pier, transfer center and district terminal. The marina has become the preferred point of not only Izmir residents but also our guests coming from outside the city. Our prices are much more affordable compared to other marinas and our service quality is at the highest level.”

“We are happier now”

One Yacht Training Coordinator Sinem Özgönenç, who has been giving sailing and yachting trainings in Körfez since 2002, said, “The fact that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality took over the marina made us very happy as we speak the same language. We can easily explain our problems and needs and find solutions. Since it is located in Üçkuyular, our trainees can reach it easily. For the first time this year, the marina has become a comprehensive and equipped place. We are now more comfortable and happy, thanks to the marina's many facilities such as food and beverage, internet and toilet.”

Children meet the sea at the Maritime Education Center

In the Maritime Training Center opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in İzmir Marina, there are applied training programs carried out by the Youth and Sports Services Department. With the renovated pool in the facility, children have the opportunity to take swimming lessons. In addition to swimming, children and young people between the ages of 7 and 15 are brought together with sea sports, especially canoeing and sailing.

From mooring service to yacht warehouses…

Izmir Marina, which has increased the interest of the people of Izmir in the sea and maritime, has water, electricity, telephone and internet access, solid and liquid waste collection station, laundry, free car park, diver service, 24-hour security, shower/toilet facilities, mooring and bottom washing service. . The marina also offers market, yacht warehouses, maintenance and repair services and agency services.

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