A Moment of Homage to Ata in Istanbul's Metro and Tramways

A Moment of Homage to Ata in Istanbul's Metro and Tramways
A Moment of Homage to Ata in Istanbul's Metro and Tramways

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was commemorated with respect all over the country on the 83rd anniversary of his death. When the clocks showed 09.05 on the Metro and Tramways of Istanbul, the commemoration of Atatürk was announced, accompanied by the song Yiğidim Aslanım by Zülfü Livaneli. The 55-minute moment of silence, attended by approximately 1 thousand Istanbulites, was the scene of emotional moments.

On the 83rd anniversary of the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, Istanbul's metro and trams witnessed emotional moments. All trains in 16 stations on 189 lines, operated by Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), stopped when the clocks showed 09.05:55. Atatürk commemoration announcement was made at the station and vehicles accompanied by the song "Yiğidim Aslanım" by Zülfü Livaneli. At that time, approximately 1 thousand Istanbulites who were on the subway and trams became one heart with a minute of silence. Then the National Anthem was sung in unison.


Metro Istanbul, which has prepared a special videowall application for November 10 at Yenikapı and Ünalan stations, will also host the exhibition prepared by artist Halime Türkyılmaz at Taksim station. The 0 November Atatürk Commemoration Exhibition, which will feature 0,7 works created by fixing the ground stones in the range of 17-10 microns taken from the stone quarries in Turkey, can be visited until 30 November.

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