HİSAR O+ Infrared Guided Missile Deliveries to be Completed in 2022

HİSAR O+ Infrared Guided Missile Deliveries to be Completed in 2022
HİSAR O+ Infrared Guided Missile Deliveries to be Completed in 2022

While making a presentation on the Presidency's 2022 budget at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey's Planning and Budget Committee, Vice President Fuat Oktay shared important information about the ongoing projects related to the defense industry.

As announced by Oktay, the deliveries of the HİSAR O+ infrared (IIR) guided missile, which went into mass production, will be completed in 2022. According to the serial production contract for the HİSAR O+ Air Defense System, the delivery of the system is aimed to be completed by 2024.

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST'21, it was learned that the acceptance tests of the HİSAR O+ air defense missile system will begin in October 2021. In order to meet the needs of the Land Forces Command, a contract for HİSAR Air Defense Systems was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and the main contractor Aselsan in 2011.

As part of Turkey's effort to create a layered air defense umbrella, HİSAR A+ has been delivered with all its elements so far, while the tests of the Booster and RF-guided SİPER Blok-1 continue. SİPER Blok-1, which will form the first layer of the long range, is expected to have a range of 70 km and an altitude of 20 km.


Developed with domestic and national resources, the HİSAR O+ System will perform point and regional air defense missions with its distributed and flexible architectural capability. The HİSAR O+ System has an organizational infrastructure in battery and battalion structures. System; It consists of Fire Control Center, Missile Launch System, Medium Altitude Air Defense Radar, Electro Optical System, Infrared Seeker Missile and RF Seeker Missile.

The HİSAR-O+ system has 18 (3 launcher vehicles) at battery level and 54 (9 launcher vehicles) interceptor missiles at battalion level as standard. The system, which has a fighter jet detection and tracking distance of 40-60 km, can track >60 targets. The system has a maximum range of 25 km with IIR guided missiles and 25-35 km with RF guided missiles.

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