BTSO MESYEB Raised the Scope of Occupation to 104

BTSO MESYEB Raised the Scope of Occupation to 104
BTSO MESYEB Raised the Scope of Occupation to 104

BTSO Vocational Qualification Examination and Certification Center MESYEB, operating under the roof of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and certifying nearly 5 thousand employees all over Turkey, especially in Bursa, in the last 80 years, expanded its scope and increased its professional competence examination and certification authority to 84. He raised 104 to the profession.

BTSO, the center of production, industry, employment and export-oriented projects for the business world in Bursa, is in Bursa. kazanThe work continues at MESYEB, which he manages. BTSO MESYEB, which is a model for chambers and commodity exchanges in Turkey in terms of professional competence, provides examination and certification services not only in Bursa but also all over Turkey, while making an important contribution to increasing the qualification level of its employees. MESYEB, which operates in different sectors and professions in line with the demands of the business world, is increasing the number of professions it is authorized every day.


The center has examination and certification authority in a total of 84 professions in the automotive, metal, construction, energy, textile, elevator, chemistry-plastics, logistics, electrical-electronics and personal services sectors. BTSO MESYEB has successfully completed the application process for extending the scope for authorization in 20 new professions, especially in the mining sector. The center, which has passed TÜRKAK and VQA audits, can now provide vocational qualification certificate services in 104 professions.


BTSO MESYEB, which has succeeded in making nearly 2016 thousand employees have vocational qualification certificates since May 80, has added mining, transportation-logistics and communication professions to its scope of profession. In the mining sector, examination and certification of the professions of crushing and screening plant operator, marble natural stone quarryer, marble-natural stone production staff and underground preparation worker can now be done in MESYEB. In line with the demands of the representatives of the transportation, logistics and communication sector, the Industrial Transporter exam and certification, which mainly concerns forklift, tow truck and pallet truck workers employed in industrial facilities, will also be held at MESYEB.


Within the scope of the scope expansion studies, new professions were also added to the electrical - electronics and textile sectors. BTSO MESYEB started to perform the examination and certification of Electrical Installer and Electro-Mechanical Assembly workers in the electrical-electronics sector. In the textile sector, weft knitting operator, printing operator, embroidery, warp operator, warp knitting operator, weaving operator, completer and drawing-in operator have the authority to examine and certify.


BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Burkay said that BTSO MESYEB, which was put into service in 2014 in Bursa, the locomotive city of the Turkish economy, aims to bring qualified workforce and occupational safety to international standards. Stating that MESYEB managed to become a role model not only in Bursa but also in Turkey in a short time, President Burkay said, “BTSO MESYEB, which increases the skills of our employees and certifies their expertise, and supports the targets of our companies to have a greater say in the global economy, will provide its services in Turkey in a short time. He carried it all over the country.” said.


Stating that BTSO MESYEB, which is also authorized by TÜRKAK and MYK, always gives priority to the demands of the sectors in the construction of its fields of activity, President Burkay said: “We are increasing our scope of profession in line with the demands of our sectors. In addition to the fields where the vocational qualification certificate is mandatory, MESYEB offers important opportunities for our sectors and companies that are preparing for new standards with their employees. We also offer our companies the opportunity to perform certification in their own businesses without disrupting their business. Our state also has important incentives at this point. With the latest regulation, we have included new professions in 4 different sectors. Now MESYEB is stronger with our new sectors and professions. I invite all our employees and businesses to benefit from the services we provide at BTSO MESYEB, where we aim to both improve the quality of our employees and create solid grounds for occupational health and safety.”

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