Bodily Healing is Possible by Ensuring Mind-Body and Spiritual Well-Being

As a Complementary Medicine Specialist, Dr. Mernus Kadifeci Tumer
Bodily Healing is Possible by Ensuring Mind-Body and Spiritual Well-Being

Complementary medicine methods are applied as a primary or auxiliary treatment method in the treatment of many diseases and it is aimed to improve the lifestyle of the person. As an Internal Medicine and Complementary Medicine Specialist, Dr. Mernuş Kadifeci Tümer gave detailed information about complementary medicine methods.

exp. Dr. Mernuş Kadifeci Tümer said: "The main goal of medicine should be to heal patients, to eliminate the factors that cause ailments, and to provide a complete cure by performing preventive medicine."

Spirit-body and mind unity is important in treatment.

Stating that he received training in complementary medicine methods after realizing that modern medicine is insufficient for him and his patients in chronic diseases, Uzm. Dr. Mernuş Kadifeci Tümer continued her words as follows: “It was necessary to touch the souls of the patients as well. I started to learn breathing techniques, EFT techniques, and read books written on this subject. As I explained it to the patients, I realized that it was good for me as well. The acupuncture course, which was created with three thousand five hundred years of Chinese philosophy and foresight, completely changed my perspective and vision in the profession. Neural therapy, hypnosis, ozone and mesotherapy trainings followed. My desire to learn complementary medicine methods that treat people, all of which complement each other, with the unity of spirit, body and mind, without separating them into organs or cells, and to mediate in healing, has never diminished. With a holistic view, I better understood the importance of the human, who contains the micro-universe, and the harmony of the human with the universe he is in, in treatment. I continue on my way in my private practice in Alsancak, İzmir, by blending my knowledge of XNUMX years of internal medicine with my knowledge of complementary medicine and further developing the real art of medicine with the feedback I receive from my patients.''

Miraculous healing in chronic diseases

It is said that there is no cure; fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, ulcer, gastritis, type 2 diabetes, constipation, irritable bowel and all autoimmune diseases should be evaluated with the mind-body-spirit axis. Permanent healing is possible with proper nutrition and replacement of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The importance of Complementary Medicine in the world has increased in recent years. Unfortunately, the dizzying developments in modern medicine could not achieve its success in acute (newly developing) diseases in chronic complex (slowly developing, long-lasting) cases because it made people forget the fact that they are a whole. At this point, complementary medicine is successfully applied as a complement that makes up for the deficiencies of modern medicine.

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