Bahrain to Make Major Metro and Railway Investments

bahrain railway investments
bahrain railway investments

The Government of Bahrain has today announced the details of its Strategic Projects Plan, in which over $30 billion will be invested in Bahrain's national infrastructure and strategic priority sectors. It represents one of Bahrain's most significant capital investments ever and will drive the Economic Recovery Plan designed to boost the long-term competitiveness of the Bahraini economy and stimulate post-pandemic growth.

109 km Long Metro Line Coming

A new metro system in Bahrain will offer travel options, reduce congestion and contribute to the Kingdom's plans to reach net zero. The metro network, which exceeds 109 km, will connect all major population centers in the country. The first phase of the metro with 20 stations will run from Bahrain International Airport to the residential and commercial area of ​​Seef and will connect to both Manama and the Diplomatic Zone.

Consisting of 22 signature projects in key sectors including telecom, tourism, education, manufacturing and healthcare, the plan will also contribute to the realization of Bahrain's 2030 Economic Vision.

The new projects include the creation of five cities located on newly built islands, increasing Bahrain's total land area by more than 60%. The largest of those planned, Fasht al Jārim will span an area of ​​183 square kilometers, providing a residential, logistics and tourism center to house a new airport. The new 2km, four-lane King Hamad Pass will facilitate cross-border trade and travel and strengthen political, strategic, economic and cultural ties with Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC.

The transport link will be complemented by technology investment in land and sea fiber optics, connecting all regions of the Kingdom and increasing competitiveness. Next generation cloud computing services will be supported by significant investments in several new data center projects. The “Sports City” building, a complex to house the largest sports stadium and multi-purpose indoor sports arena in Bahrain, makes Bahrain a hub for events, entertainment and sports. Additionally, the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center will become the largest “Conference City” in the Middle East, and the “Tourist city”, a series of resorts in southwest Bahrain, will enhance the Kingdom's status as a global visitor destination.

The new projects announced under the Strategic Projects Plan will build on the Kingdom's 6 infrastructure plan, which delivers the new Bahrain International Airport terminal, ALBA's 4th Line expansion project, and the AB-2015 Pipeline.

Following the announcement, His Highness Sheikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Finance and National Economy, said:

“Bahrain emerges from the pandemic with bold ambition that looks to a more prosperous future beyond economic recovery. This transformative investment will increase educational and lifestyle opportunities for youth and provide quality healthcare, homes and career paths for them as they move into adulthood.

New and existing industries will be fostered and private sector growth in the tourism and leisure sectors driven forward by investment in infrastructure and telecommunications, with connections both within the Kingdom and overseas for the efficient movement of goods, services and people.”

The Strategic Projects Plan is an investment not only in Bahrain's physical infrastructure, but also in the future well-being of the people of the Kingdom.”

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