It's 5 Kurus to Ride the Ferry with a Bicycle in Izmir!

It's 5 Kurus to Ride the Ferry with a Bicycle in Izmir!
It's 5 Kurus to Ride the Ferry with a Bicycle in Izmir!

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn the last two and a half years, there has been a great transformation in bicycle transportation in Izmir in line with the goal of using the bicycle as a means of transportation. The application of 5 cents for cyclists on ferries launched in İzmir for the first time in Turkey has increased the use of bicycles in the city. Over 74 thousand people from İzmir benefited from the application throughout the year.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who prefers electric vehicles and bicycles in urban transportation and encourages the people of İzmir to sustainable transportation. Tunç SoyerIzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its work in line with the goal of using the bicycle as a means of transportation. In the last two and a half years, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many infrastructure, application and incentive projects in order to reduce motorized transportation and increase bicycle and pedestrian transportation in the city, has set an example for Turkey with its decision that cyclists will benefit from ferry services within the gulf for 1 cents as of September 2020, 5. it happened. With the application, the number of citizens who prefer the ferry with their bicycle has gradually increased.

74 thousand passengers moved

The number of passengers who boarded the ferry with their bicycles has exceeded 2021 thousand since the beginning of 74. October was the month in which cyclists traveled the most, when school and work traffic accelerated. Bicycle parking spaces have been placed inside the ferries for easy transportation of cyclists. In rainy weather, a tarpaulin was given to the users to protect the bicycles, preventing the bicycles from being affected by adverse weather conditions.

Cycle lanes are expanding

Mert Yaygel, Head of Transportation Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who gave information about the activities in the “Bicycle Friendly City” Izmir, said, “We need transportation modes that do not affect environmental factors and do not burn fossil fuels in order to achieve a sustainable and resilient city. The most important of these is bicycle transportation. President of Cycling Tunç SoyerWe have gained momentum in the two and a half years that he took office. We created 89 kilometers of bicycle path network. According to our bicycle action plans, we plan to add 107 kilometers to these roads in the short term. In the medium and long term, we plan to increase it up to 248 kilometers. In order to accelerate these works, we form teams that only build bike paths. While these teams will build new bike paths, they will make small touches to the places where cyclists have problems while passing. Yaygel emphasized that they have created 100 bicycle parking spaces at more than 47 points in schools, university areas, close to İZBAN and metro stations in order to encourage the use of bicycles.

Integration with public transport is crucial

Speaking about the application, Bicycle Transport Association (BİSUDER) President Murat Ümit said, “Since 2017, I have been going to work by ferry with my bike. As an association, we attach great importance to the integration of public transport. Although there is a pandemic and the use of public transport has decreased, we can easily see that the number of bicycles has increased on ferries. In some evenings, we even find it difficult to find a place to put our bikes. There has been an increase in bicycle use. Especially during the pandemic period, there has been an increase as people get bored of driving. There is a process that starts with the master plan. Tunç President attaches importance to this issue. We think that investments will increase even more in the future,” he said.

My transportation expenses decreased to 3 TL per month.

Giving full marks to the 5 kuruş application, cyclists from İzmir not only provided transportation in their daily lives with the healthy and environmentally friendly means of transportation, but also saved money.

Cyclist Ufuk Kartal said, “I am very pleased with this application. I definitely demand it spread. People please use it. I've been using it for 1 year. It is necessary for health, for time, for the environment, for everything. I am so happy. I commute to work in the morning and evening every day. My 220 lira stays in my pocket. I go back and forth for 3 month for 1 liras. What could be better than this?” he said.

Both healthy and economical

Ahmet Kulalı, who has been a bicycle user for 40 years, said, “I provide my transportation within the city by bicycle. Before the application started, I was using a bicycle on the ferry. Now, thanks to this application, the number of cyclists has increased.”

Gürcan Kayserili, who has just started using bicycles, said, “It is a very comfortable transportation. I also do sports. I started cycling during the coronavirus period. I didn't have time before. I have been using this service since I started cycling. "I do sports, I get fresh air," he said.

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