63% of Companies Will Start Using Smart Glasses

63% of Companies Will Start Using Smart Glasses

63% of Companies Will Start Using Smart Glasses

The use of Assisted/Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business continues to increase. Many companies are successfully implementing Artificial Intelligence and Aided/Augmented Reality solutions, especially as part of customer service improvements. The research carried out by McKinsey reveals that institutions are investing more in Artificial Intelligence technologies during the pandemic; Gartner's research predicts that these investments will increase further in 2022. The Aided/Augmented Reality market is expected to grow by an average of 2028 percent annually worldwide until 43,8.

10 out of 9 executives say “Growth needs to leverage artificial intelligence”

One of the most important reasons for this growth is the huge increase in the demand for remote assistance. Companies use Aided/Augmented Reality applications to track, identify and troubleshoot processes such as solving technical problems, as well as retrofitting, assembly, production and repair of production lines. Artificial intelligence is not only expected to help businesses thrive. It is also believed to help achieve growth-related goals and generate value. 10 out of 9 senior executives believe that artificial intelligence should be used to achieve growth targets.

Half of companies will start using smart glasses for better remote working experience

Assisted/Augmented Reality offers numerous benefits, including reduced time spent interpreting instructions, shorter training time, and increased productivity. In particular, manufacturers believe that one of the most important drivers of these advantages is smart glasses. Research conducted by Dynabook reveals that 63 percent of companies will start using smart glasses within the next three years. In the research, it is stated that 47 percent of companies will use smart glasses for a better remote working experience, while 34 percent will use smart glasses for improved data collection and processing, and 39 percent for better sharing and collaboration.

Dynabook introduced the dynaEdge DE-100, a smart glasses solution in the past months, in line with the increasing interest in Assisted/Augmented Reality solutions with the pandemic. Dynabook's smart glasses solution aims to increase the productivity of workplaces and their employees. Connected to smart glasses with Intel® Core™ m7 processor support, the dynaEdge DE-100 facilitates the lives of employees with the help of a head-mounted display and camera, and enables users to interact with real-time help and information. Bringing high-quality technological products to users, Dynabook plans to continue to expand its product range in the wearable technology category in the coming period.

“Even though the pandemic is over, companies will continue to use digital solutions”

Making a statement on the subject, Dynabook Turkey Business Unit Manager Ronald Ravel said, “With the pandemic, companies' interest in digital solutions has increased; experienced the benefits of these solutions more closely. Therefore, even if the pandemic is over, it seems unlikely that many companies will return to the old methods. Because Artificial Intelligence and Assisted/Augmented Reality solutions have become almost indispensable, rather than a whim, due to the advantages they provide. Because these technologies really do one thing very well: They enable efficiency in a disruptive environment. In this direction, our dynaEdge DE-100 solution, which we introduced, increases the productivity of employees both in the field and on the go, and also makes the lives of businesses much easier. The product that provides access to work instructions and other visual and audio information from anywhere; “It offers real-time support to employees wherever they are.”

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