Turkish F-16s Deployed in Poland Returned to Turkey

Turkish f lari deployed to poland returned to turkey
Turkish f lari deployed to poland returned to turkey

As part of the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission, 4 Turkish Air Force F-16 warplanes and their personnel, which were dispatched to Poland/Malbork Air Base, returned home.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, the Turkish F-6s, which started their duty on July 2021, 16, returned to their home bases on Wednesday, September 15.

Thus, the Polish mission of Turkish F-16s, which lasted more than 70 days, was successfully completed.

The F-16s in question were sent from the 6 Squadron (Bat) stationed at Bandırma 161th Main Jet Base Command. Bat fleet is a fleet that stands out with its air operations at night. About 80 Turkish Air Force personnel from Bandırma participated in Poland.

Moving Days

Turkish F-16s had a very active time in Poland. The planes made about 30 sorties in total. During his tenure, in addition to alarm reaction missions, joint training with Polish and NATO forces was carried out.

Turkish F-16s, which were dispatched to the Air Base in Malbork, Poland, as part of the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission, conducted an intercept flight against a Russian aircraft for the first time in July as part of their mission.

The aircraft on which Turkish F-16s intercepted was an IL-20 type electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft of the Russian Air Force.

After NATO announced the incident, the Ministry of National Defense published a statement on the incident on its social media account, and it was stated in the statement that two of the Turkish F-16s in Poland for the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission performed their first alarm reaction mission safely around the Baltic Sea.

It was also noted that the planes were always ready for the tasks to be assigned. (Airline News)

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