Mercedes-Benz Turk Continues to Increase Its Support for Innovative Startups

mercedes benz turk continues to increase its support for innovative initiatives
mercedes benz turk continues to increase its support for innovative initiatives

Mercedes-Benz Türk believes that the changes made in the Law No. 7263 on Technology Development Zones and the Law No. 4691 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities within the scope of Law No. 5746 will greatly contribute to entrepreneurs.

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has been continuing its R&D activities uninterruptedly since 1967 and announced its StartUp support program in its 50th anniversary, will be effective as of January 1, 2022. He fully believes that the additional amendment clause on the “Condition to Invest” will make a significant contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the new law, it is foreseen that the cooperation of startups and large companies engaged in R&D activities will increase, and it is aimed to start a new era in the development and export of value-added products.

Mercedes-Benz Turk continues to show the importance it attaches to the entrepreneurial ecosystem with the "Mercedes-Benz StartUP" competition organized within the framework of the StartUP Program it started in 2017. With this competition, Mercedes-Benz Türk supports startups that support innovative, sustainable and creative ideas, benefit society and the environment, and contribute to solutions that make life easier. Rewarding innovative initiatives all over the country with its confidence in Turkey's future, Mercedes-Benz Türk will increase its contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which it follows closely, thanks to this change in the law.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Chief Executive Officer Süer Sülün made the following statements on the subject: “I think that the change in the law will make a significant contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this way, there will be a capital transfer to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is very important for their lives. This law will also have an impact on the advancement in R&D and technology, the commercialization of innovative products and processes, as well as the increase in the share of value-added and high-tech products in our exports. In this period when all companies focus on digital transformation and technology, I think that collaborations with startups will offer solutions that will benefit the transformation of companies. Companies will be able to benefit from the entrepreneurial ecosystem while developing by using internal resources. In this way, a faster connection will be established between startups and companies. With this working model, it will be ensured that initiatives that are competent and experienced in new technologies will emerge from Turkey.”

Günceleme: 17/06/2021 14:49

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