TürkTraktör Started Exporting Its New Tractor With Domestic Production Phase V Emission Engine

turktraktor has started the export of a brand new tractor
turktraktor has started the export of a brand new tractor

TürkTraktör continues to add new tractors to its tractors that comply with the Phase V emission standards regulation implemented in Europe. New Holland T2015F, which won the 'Tractor of the Year Award' in 3 in Europe, started to be offered to the European market with 'new generation environmentalist engines' and 'domestic production', developed and produced by TürkTraktör R&D engineers.

TürkTraktör continues its pioneering work on tractors that it offers to the world markets without slowing down. Last year, the company started exporting New Holland T4S and Case IH Farmall A tractors with engines developed in accordance with Phase V emission standards within the framework of the rules set by the European Union.

TürkTraktör, on the other hand, is now bringing the New Holland T3F tractor, which was awarded the 'Tractor of the Year Award' in Europe with its first generation, with the new generation environmentalist engines developed by R&D teams and manufactured at TürkTraktör facilities, to European farmers as domestic production.

TürkTraktör R&D Center engineers integrated the latest technology S3 8000-cylinder domestic production engine to the New Holland T3F model; In the development process of the product, it also took into account the feedback and requests from the farmers for the previous generation of the model.

In this new model, which is the third generation, many improvements have been made to make human-machine interaction more efficient and a much more ergonomic drive zone has been designed. In New Holland T3F, the electronic engine speed management feature, which increases the efficiency of use, is integrated into the product.

New Holland T3F is a 'native' engineering product

TürkTraktör's General Manager, Aykut Özüner, said that TürkTraktör has succeeded in being a pioneer in the sector in the domestic engine solution it has developed for Phase V emission levels, as well as in its pioneering works in Phase 3B and Phase 4 emission levels. has an engineering and infrastructure investment. In this way, we continue to offer new products to the market with a wide range of engine solutions that meet the needs. " he explained.

New Holland t3f'n of Turkey's global in their expectations and engineering that meets the needs of capability standard that is an indication of the point at which access Aykut Özüner attention, 'a large majority of the parts supplied by our domestic suppliers with New Holland T3F produced in Turkey, once more global We have proved that we can offer world-class products to the markets. " he finished his words.

New Holland T2021F, which started to be exported to different EU countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Spain as of April 3; It was presented to the European farmers who prefer compact tractors and produce by gardening and greenhouse cultivation.

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