New Era in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

New Period in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
New Period in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Millions of men worldwide are fighting prostate cancer today. Imaging devices, which are vital to progress in the fight against cancer, increase the chance of success when used correctly.

Stating that 3 TESLA MR device provides both more reliable and more accurate results compared to other diagnostic methods, Sonomed Radiology Physician Ümit TÜZÜN points out that it is a guide for an effective treatment protocol when used by specialist physicians.

Radiology methods are vital for early diagnosis in prostate cancer

Prostate cancer, which is about the size of a walnut in men and occurs at the rate of the prostate that produces various secretions for reproductive activities, is a serious health problem. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men. According to the data of the American Cancer Society, the lifetime risk of men with prostate cancer is between 15-20% and the risk of loss of life is 2,5%. One out of every 5-6 men has the risk of experiencing prostate cancer during their lifetime. It is the most common type of cancer that causes death after lung cancer in men. Detection of this cancer type, which is detected at such a high rate in male patients and causes death, at an early age with early diagnosis has become one of the important issues of radiology.

Diagnostic methods that are not made with a specialist physician may cause some problems.

Not all PSA elevations are associated with prostate cancer. Benign prostate enlargement or prostate infection can also cause PSA elevation. The digital prostate examination from the rectal area usually shows signs of advanced prostate cancers. In imaging (TRUS), which is called transrectal ultrasound, the regions containing cancer cells of the prostate cannot always be distinguished depending on the experience of the physician performing the examination.

Safe diagnosis with Multiparametric Prostate MRI

In parallel with the groundbreaking development of technology, new generation imaging devices are used in diagnostic methods. One of these, 3 TESLA MR devices, works by receiving more signals from the tissues by creating a stronger magnetic field than 1.5 TESLA. Therefore, it is known to play an important role in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Multiparametric prostate MR is an imaging method that detects especially aggressive prostate cancer and consists of 3 main components. High resolution MR images, Diffusion MRI and Perfusion MR. Scoring of the obtained parameters is scored between 1-5 under the name of PI-RADS (Prostate imaging, reporting and data system). Scoring 4 and 5 are clinically important and suspected of cancer, and biopsy is required for the definitive diagnosis of these patients.

Increases the chances of success in prostate cancer treatment

Offering much more successful and healthy results compared to other imaging devices, 3 TESLA MR provides advantages for both the patient and the physician. In the light of the information provided by the device, prostate cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage by performing this examination in men with high blood PSA values ​​or with high risk of prostate cancer in their family. Using all these parameters, the presence of the tumor, and whether the existing tumor spills out of the prostate gland is determined. In addition, thanks to this method, which determines the location of the tumor very clearly, more accurate results are obtained in biopsy if it is applied before biopsy. On the other hand, Sonomed Radiology Physician Ümit TÜZÜN emphasizes that this current imaging method is a very important examination, drawing attention to the fact that thanks to the success achieved in imaging cancerous cells, it reduces the need for unnecessary biopsy in patients with no abnormal findings in the prostate with MR examination.

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