Evacuation Decision for Farmers on Channel Istanbul Route

evacuation order for farmers on the canal istanbul route
evacuation order for farmers on the canal istanbul route

📩 18/02/2021 13:21

In the decision number 2020 issued by the Istanbul Arnavutköy District General Hygiene Council in October 58, it was asked to initiate evacuation procedures until April 2021 at the latest.

In Arnavutköy, where more than half of Kanal Istanbul passes, the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers reacted to the decision of the District Sanitation Board regarding farmers and said that families whose only source of income is farming will be exiled from their living spaces. In the press release made on the subject, it is stated that Arnavutköy will be the income area of ​​mega projects.

According to the news of Osman Çaklı from Gazete Duvar, in the decision number 2020 issued by the Istanbul Arnavutköy District General Hygiene Council in October 58, the livestock and farmers in the region were asked to initiate evacuation procedures until April 2021 at the latest.

During this period, a warning was made that animals should not be taken out of the stables. As the justification for the decision for sanitation, he cited the animal barns in the district and the prevention of adverse situations such as moving the animals fed here in an unattended or controlled manner within the district.

In the press release published by the Istanbul Chamber of Agricultural Engineers on the issue, arguing that the decision is far from equality and scientificity, Arnavutköy agricultural areas will be delivered to "construction rent".


The General Hygiene Council of Arnavutköy District convened in October 2020 with the agenda of "Animal barns in the district, the animals being fed here in an unattended or controlled manner within the district and discussing the measures to prevent such negative situation" and took the following decision: "Our district, Taşoluk District, All animal barns in Haraççı District, İstiklal Mahallesi, Adnan Menderes District and Arnavutköy Merkez Mahallesi will be evacuated immediately… ”After the decision was notified to the animal and stable owners on different dates, they were asked to be evacuated until April 2021 at the latest.

Responding to the decision, the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers published a press release, mentioning that there are about 500 farmer families dealing with agricultural production in Arnavutköy district, and stated that 72 thousand decares of agriculture are predominantly planting cereals, sunflowers, canola, vetch and maize for silage. ZMO stated that the decision taken was to open up an area of ​​income for mega projects and said, “The route during the construction of the Arnavutköy-Şamlar road for the protection of the rare and endemic plant called Centaurea Hermannii (Çatalca Cornflower), which is committed to be protected in its location according to the Bern Convention. has been changed. Kanal Istanbul Project is in danger of destroying this dune ecosystem. " said.


Animal husbandry for milk production, which is one of the important livelihoods of the villages in Arnavutköy, continues as small family farming rather than large farms. In the statement, which stated that families do not have a means of livelihood other than livestock and farming, “There are 9 thousand cattle, 13 thousand sheep and 1000 water buffaloes belonging to the farmers and the current 4 thousand decares of pasture area is used to meet the need for roughage. The remaining range of Arnavutköy to date has decreased at a rate that cannot feed the existing livestock. " It was said.


In the statement, which recorded that the ecological, cultural and sociological structure of Arnavutköy was broken in 3 ways, it was explained that the district was turned into the intersection point of mega projects; "3. Expropriations were made by the General Directorate of Highways within the scope of urgent expropriation in the neighborhoods of Deliklikaya, Hadımköy, Ömerli, Sazlıbosna and Yeşilbayır in Arnavutköy for Köprü Yolu Northern Marmara Motorway. 45 kilometers of Kanal Istanbul, which is planned to be 28,6 kilometers long, pass through the borders of Arnavutköy. "


The Istanbul Branch of Agricultural Engineers finds the decision taken by the District Hygiene Board "bias and equality". ZMO argues that even if the decision taken seems to be correct, as the non-agricultural population has increased due to unplanned urbanization practices in the center of Arnavutköy district center and Taşoluk-Hadımköy-Haraççı and Bolluca neighborhoods and where there is a lot of traffic, it is not fair to punish the farmers engaged in animal husbandry from their homes. In the statement, the impact of the decision on the region was explained;

“Unfortunately, the District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry also supported this decision. Construction Area, with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which approved the 1 / 100.000 Scale Environmental Plan, means the prevention of animal production activities in the relevant neighborhoods and the exile of the farmers who do not have any other means of income other than animal husbandry or abandon animal husbandry.

The settled farmers and local people who earn their living from livestock will go elsewhere, the demographic structure of the region will be changed, an area where there is no agricultural production, suitable for land speculation and construction rent will be created.

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